PROPHETIC WORD for 2014- by Missy Hood

What God is saying Coming out of 2013 Moving Into 2014

Firstly- I was driving yesterday and the Lord asked me “Missy- do you know why you’ve been so frustrated with not feeling loved?” I immediately responded with WHY?! And He said- that just like His spirit drew near to us at Christmas to bring out the BEST in vessels- because Love always brings out the best in people. The Lord said that some of His children are in barren regions where the spirit of God has had to pull back because of gross sin. (The Lord can’t be where sin abounds because He is pure). So where there is no God- there is No presence of Love on the people in that region. God’s children have grown ULTRA frustrated in relating with others because they are full of Love (warm love of Christ) with no one to give/or receive from. Especially those with the gift of love (presence of God on their vessels from birth) because it builds up , just like the word of God burns in a prophets bones until it is released, Love works like this as well on those vessels longing to release it. And even when these vessels can release it its not being reciprocated and given back but merely taken in vain. So these same vessels aren’t getting filled back up in the correct way with the same warm Love. THIS is causing MUCH frustration for these children of God.
The Lord says that right before a HUGE move of God comes He has to completely EMPTY that area to be filled (from the old) to ready it for the NEW MOVE/to make room for MORE! And that the body of Christ is getting ready to be filled with SO MUCH LOVE and SO MUCH LIGHT that the regions they are living in will become permeated/saturated with the spirit of the Living God. AND HIS LOVE WILL ABOUND onto all around them. Some will experience major manifestations/deliverance around them because the presence of God brings MAJOR pressure OR MAJOR LIGHT which will dispel the darkness. The enemy will not know what to do or know where to run to hide from the light that coming. This is the double portion sent to separate further out the TRUE sheep from the wolves in the sheep’s clothing. These same wolves will not know what to do with this move/this new wine skin that is already starting to fill up the Saints all over the world. These saints will no longer view the cup as half full but instead their cups/hearts will be filled to OVERFLOWING with love to spill over into their atmospheres, their families, all of their relationships to where those who have longed for deep inner healing (around them) might be touched by God’s presence/goodness with the ministry of “Presence.” Just like Timothy, the presence of God overshadowed those around his vessel to where they could receive whereas they would otherwise would have rejected the Son of the Living God.
The spirit of the Lord says that I am coming with a move so powerful (its what you have longed for) for I am changing your shoes, and I am shodding your feet with the Good news (Gospel of Peace), with My Presence to where all who come into your sphere of influence will KNOW that they have touched Love or have been touched by grace and love. God’s ways are vastly different from our own and as Christ moves us into 2014 His spirit will become like a locomotive with horsepower like we’ve never seen to prepare us with such light/such love SUCH POWER (with the signs, wonders, and miracles abounding). We will witness more miracles in 2014 and 2015 than ever in our lives. AND WE WILL BELIEVE. The Bible is coming alive in 2014 to where many will walk out the things they’ve read about as little children on its pages. Healing and wholeness will flow, there will be streams of darkness flowing around them, but it won’t touch those who have drawn nearer to my Bosom – says the Lord. I’ve called MY children unto Myself for such a time as this so that they would be filled to overflowing with goodness. With blessing- it will be like an ongoing celebration to those lives they come into contact with to where they won’t be able to attain enough. Like the finest honey from the strongest honeybee. Many of you are honeybees, and those that come into contact with you will start to follow My spirit within you they will come alive and come to KNOW ME. I have called ALL men unto My bosom but not all will answer the call.
Many are called- few are chosen but for those horses/leaders/children who answer the call I will lift them up on eagles wings, on the wings of cherubs just like My Son (Jesus) who rides on their backs during war to direct these same angels for flight. You will be directed with your steps being orchestrated like the finest symphony, in harmony with my Spirit within you. AND YOUR HEART WILL KNOW that you’ve been touched by the spirit of FIRE from the living God, a MOST HOLY FIRE from the Holy of Holies- the purest place of My heart to yours as you are drawn nearer and nearer to Me.
This holy place will house your hearts in the days to come so that your flame is not put out by the darkness that is trying to encircle it. For the light is stronger than the darkness- LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE ON EARTH!
SO STEP OUT LEADERS INTO 2014 with a confidence like you’ve never known as I have girded you up with My right hand of authority and I will honor the very words you speak as long as those words are Mine within you. Dont’ follow your own heart, FOLLOW MINE! FOLLOW MY SPIRIT- Flow with the stream of pureness!!!!!! I SAY AGAIN – STAND UP PROPHETS and START TO SPEAK AGAIN WITH MY FIERY PRESENCE of LOVE like the world has never known.
THIS IS MY DESIRE- TO EXTEND MY FIERY HAND UNTO THOSE WHO WOULD WANT TO KNOW WHAT TRUE LOVE IS. Ezekiel’s Wheel is actually MY HAND and My HAND is spread across your lands to Spread My Presence once again on those hearts who choose to HOUSE My SPIRIT!

Love from the Daughter of a King

copyright © 2013 Missy Hood