Teaching on Spinning Strategies Against You (They Change Rapidly) Satanic Stars Released Thru Witchcraft by Shiela Ramsey Ministries

Firstly, we are all called to pray, but sometimes we need a little more “UMPH” behind our prayers.  AND it always helps if we know what the HE (double toothpicks) we’re dealing with spiritually.  The Satanic Star (AKA: The Five Fold Attack Against the Five Folder Ministry OR against single ministers, or families, or finances, health, or ANYONE trying to serve the Lord in this day/time) is one of the most lethal attacks in our day.  If you have practicing witches/satanists in your region then most likely these attacks have been released against it’s leaders and sheep at some point or another.    My mentor of 17 years (Sheila Ramsey taught me about these attacks) and then the Holy Spirit taught me strategically how to bind them and His strategy WORKS! 100 % effective, 100 % of the time BUT you will need to get people in agreement because these are Big Dog Principalities you will be dealing with!

How do you know if your being attacked?  Because all hell lets loose against you at once!  Meaning, your getting hit in your finances, health, job, family, marriage, friendships, at church YOU LABEL IT!  But its a full all out attack against Five Fold Leaders when they are entering and conducting highly level movement in the spirit with their body.

Please print this off & keep the teaching in your records….as well as the prayer for HOW TO BIND IT which is in the very next segment on a separate page.  And Thanks for being brave enough to read this and having the courage to want to learn how to knock the SNOT out the devil!  Its time!

Love ya,
Melissa Hood