Teaching On Praying in a Lethal Way By Melissa Hood

  1. WORSHIP is your MOST powerful weapon in this hour because of its ability to pull you up above the warfare
  • Power of Agreement- when two or more agree we can ask God for anything and He’ll do it
  • One can send a 1000 angels to flight and 2 or more the 10’s of thousands

All based on a 4 point Foundation:

  1. In the Beginning was the word, the word was with God and the Word was God
  2. God watches over His word to perform it
  3. God’s word Goes out and accomplishes what it seeks to accomplish
  4. God’s angels ONLY harken unto His word
  • When you get a network of people coming into agreement with you that YOU TRUST and WHO TRUST YOU to pray over them it creates a checks and balances/IT CAST A NET OVER YOU/YOURS to help ALL of you move up your mountains.
  • HOWEVER- All it takes is 1 to burst through- and your pushing up your mountain put pressure on everyone around you/causing EVERYONE to manifest with the weaknesses God is delivering them of. BE PREPARED
  • BURSTING THROUGH- Same concept in warfare, in entering into a new anointing, while trying to break the body through in Praise under a corporate anointing…so if we already know how to get in ourselves we can break EVERYONE through in less time allowing God to do more in those services. This is done by binding spiritual activity around people’s gates, mind, will and emotions that hinder them within their own courts.  (outer court, inner court, and Holy of Holies)
  • Note: The more healed a vessel the quicker it can burst through!  THIS IS WHY its’ imperative we are SEEK OUT DELIVERANCE of our weaknesses in this hour.  BE PROACTIVE!  The FREEER a vessel, the more power operating on that vessel, the more blessings abound etc.
  • Certain types of Prayer aren’t as effective in this hour:
  • Petition (unless under a corporate anointing) Meaning- praying alone

(6 Types of Prayer)

  1. Corporate Anointing Prayer (Activating the Spiritual Law- Where Ever 2 or more agree)
  2. Prayer of Consecration/Dedication
  3. Prayer of Praise and Worship
  4. Prayer of Fasting
  5. Prayer of Binding and Loosing
  6. Trevail

Petition Prayers have become more difficult because they are based on YOUR words and not Gods.  So unless your REALLY high up in the spirit & within your faith, you’ll need prayers of agreement.

Also, dependent upon where your located (in the natural/physically) or dependent whats going on around your spiritually/ in your regions, will determine the anointing behind your words.  If you’re in a high powered region of demonic activity, be prepared for push back.

  • Show Map of US- Explain dynamics of Certain States….the witchcraft coming at certain cities because of the callings on those cities.
  • Understand too, that witchcraft/or warfare moves in ebbs and flows against the Hebraic Calendar.  So When a Feast/Or Christian Holiday forthcoming…the Warfare will rise.  It’s a given.  Witches & Satanist/ other religions (Muslims)  release more demons through their prayers, out of demonic portals against Christians and Jewish people  (especially in High Calling States) to hinder our advancement and to allow for theirs to advance.   This is when we have to get into PRAISE/HIGH PRAISE to stay up above the warfare so that we can keep moving.  AND to maintain our prophetic ability to see spiritually.

 However, there are ways to bind witchcraft making it COMPLETELY ineffective.

 So it’s not that they stop us (they can if WE let them by quitting) but they can slow us down unless we can set our faces like flint and keep climbing through the fire.

How?  Through:

  • The 5 Fold Attack  Against the 5 Fold Ministry – This is the other thing leaders have to worry about is with getting hit with where they get hit from multiple directions at once.
  • Use the Five Fold Attack Prayers Against these type of attacks.

In this hour we will have to become agile in learning how to:

  • Bind Jezabel/Ahab in these end times – ESSENTIAL to hinder this spirit from its brutal assault in wounding your heart

This spirits Main Objective: To steal your identity/cause you to miss destiny.

Jezabel is the front runner for the Anti-christ spirit where Elijah (Joel 2:5 Army) is the front runner for Jesus Christ.

Jezabel is abusive (verbally, emotionally, can get physical), so you will need to deal with your own shortcomings in order to come up above it by the spirit.

The only way to battle it is through prayer and forced deliverance.  (I will show you how to do this)

7) I will be putting up a diagram of how Satan’s armies are amassing vs. God’s Joel 2:5 Army….(be on the lookout for that visual teaching diagram)

These are all reasons why we HAVE to learn to pray SMARTER NOT HARDER

  1. Most Effective Scriptures (Even if you can’t remember ANYTHING Else)  in learning to pray the word will be Luke 10:19 (authority) and Ex 15:6 (Hand of God)


  1. YOU MUST KNOW YOURSELF/YOUR CALLING FOR HIGH LEVEL PRAYER, if the enemy (flowing through another vessel) can sense your weaknesses, that demonic spirit can stratagize against you.  DELIVERANCE!  DELIVERANCE DELIVERANCE!  (or deep inner healing) GET FREE so you take away all the enemies weapons against you!
  2. Follow the seasons of the Hebraic Calendar/Christian Holidays
  3. Know Your City
  4. Know Yourself/Yours/Your Families calling: KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  Look up your last name, first name, and ask God what you are placed into the earth to do!  Ex 9:16.

Look at Family lineage blessings…..LAST NAME MEANING especially