So You Think You’ve Got a Curse Operating Over Your Life? How Do You Break it Off? by Dr. Missy Hood

So many people live defeated lives with bad things happening to them for NO reason other than the fact that a curse is operating.

How do cursings come in?  Cursings can come in through personal sin or generational sins of our forefathers.

Have you ever seen patterns in your families lineage like heart disease, early death assignments, poverty, relationship issues (divorce, abandonment, rejection etc.), Abuse (verbal, emotional, physical or even sexual), addictions (alcohol, drugs, or sex, pornography), dreams lost, perversion, and the list could go on and on.

These cursings are based out the book of Dt. 27 and 28 (Blessing and Cursings) basically stating:  If you do this then you get this:  THIS meaning- a blessing or a curse. So we choose our futures by our current choices that we make now.

But what do you do when a cursing operates over your life unawares?  You ask the Lord what the ROOT of the curse that is operating is and how was it opened up on your life and bloodline?

Look for the patterns that I mentioned above and then approach the Lord like this:

Say: Father, according to Luke 10:19 (authority scripture) and Dt. 27 & 28 I renounce, rebuke and nullify the generational cursing of _____________(you label whatever God reveals) and I ask you to forgive me, and ALL of my forefathers back to Adam and Eve.  Who opened up the doors for the cursings to come in.  Now Lord, I ask that You would forgives us for any sins committed because of these cursings and I ask  that you would shut these doors permanently over my life and my families lives with Rev 3:7 NOW in Jesus name.

And its done.  Then as you move through the dimensions of the spirit (forward growth) you might have to renounce some of these again at different levels dependent upon how deep they go or how long they have been in your blood line.

But renouncing cursings are a QUICK QUICK QUICK way to move up FAST spiritually!