How to Shut Down a Vessel from Persecution Against You by Melissa Hood

 Pray this: (get others to come into agreement with you when you pray as well)  (Whereever 2 or more agree, GOD WILL DO IT, One can send a 1000 angels to flight where 2 or more can send the 10’s of 1000’s of angellic hosts!   COME INTO AGREEMENT and GET LETHAL!

Father- I blind/deafen every single vessel’s Five Fold giftings around me that would abuse their gift or try to manipulate me in any way,  (saved or unsaved), as well as all the demons operating on those vessels with Acts 22:11.

I lock, block, seal off and weld shut the gates to these vessels Mind, will and emotions, to the 7 gates of their hearts, and the 12 gates of their life and I SAY according to Luke 10:19 that NO SPIRIT BUT THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD

Can flow through these vessels to heal, restore, and deliver.

I loosen with Luke 10 :19 peace, love, joy, patience, long suffering and mercy around these vessels as well as healing.  AND I loose the favor of God onto MY vessel because YOU SAID that YOU made YOUR face to shine upon me and be gracious unto me.   Lord, I call in all my angels that You’ve given charge over my life to protect and restore what the Locusts have eaten with Ps 91:9-11.

Pray this daily and it will stop the persecution so that you can maneuver in/around the enemies camp with ease.

The enemy can’t attack what he can’t see.