Cleaning Your Spiritual Atmospheres (Home, Office, Prayer Closet, Families houses, Hotels we stay at, etc.) by Melissa Hood

We need to make a habit of doing this every few months or so, especially after we’ve had company visit, etc.  Everybody is dealing with something and sometimes those spirits transfer off those vessels to stay in our atmospheres and harass us. YOU need to do Spiritual Housecleaning and KICK EM OUT!

How to cleanse the atmosphere:

You will need to anoint your doorways in that place, if you don’t have oil on you, then grab some Crisco, bless it and go to town!

Father, with Luke 10:19, I evict every wicked, unclean, defiled word that has been released into the atmosphere of (label where your at)  and I command all unclean things TO GO back down into the pits of hell where they belong!  I take authority over this atmosphere and I   kick it out right NOW in Jesus’ Mighty Name!

I command all word cursings, evil decrees spoken over this house, over our family, my life, our pets lives to be BROKEN NOW with Ex 15:6!   We Burn up every unclean thing still lingering in our atmospheres that are NOT of you Lord.   We loose Ps 91 over every member of this house, our over lives, over the home itself and the perimeters of the land and this subdivision in Jesus name.   And now Lord,

We call in YOUR WARRING Angels to stand guard around about this land, our homes, and our lives with Dan 6:12, and Dan 6:22 angels.  We release the rings of fire around about us in Jesus name!

Amen!   For we have power over ALL the power of the enemy and nothing by any means will harm us. Amen!!