In the bible it talks about ….HOW- the end will come. The bible says that the end will […]

Many people in today’s society are looking for answers as to the spiritual climate. Why people are acting […]

ADHD people (or even mainstream society) struggles to deal with circumstances beyond our control.  For the ADHD person- […]

For ADHD people we are individuals with invisible disabilities. We might look like we struggle but sit down […]

There are some things in life that really leave a lasting impact on your life.  Like the day […]

I just recently had a situation at my office where I had been dealing with (for 4 years) the […]

What do I do with the people who try to shove me into their box of life?  There […]

You know for years I went to school hitting and missing in my studies.  I would sit at […]

It astounds me how many kids/students today (those struggling with ADHD or not) are also struggling with Bullying.  […]

The Supernatural seems to be the theme of the hour these days.  What is so strange though is […]