About Missy Hood

Memoirs of An ADHD Mind” takes the reader on the wild roller coaster ride of what it is like for those who struggle with ADD/ADHD.  ( You can buy my book at Amazon.com or at Barnes and Noble (Ebook), on the Kindle or the Nook.)

I want you to know that this site is not just for ADD/ADHD folks. Its for the weary, the broken hearted, or those just looking for answers/encouragement. I started writing this blog with full intention of writing just for ADHD folks. But if you know Christ then you know that we make our plans but His plans always supercede our own and so the blog took a completely different turn to, hopefully, bless many. I want you to know that I am NOT a perfect person, but a person that has walked through extreme pain/loss so I DO know what its like to run to a Holy God when I’m hurting. I DO know the power of a Mighty God who heals a heart and preserves life, or the Miracle working power of a God that truly restores what the locusts have eaten. This blog is written to allow you to look into my heart as I seek Him daily (but written weekly) for His goodness and mercy through the prophetic gifting on my life.

My Story:

Having lost 40 jobs in 15 years (due to the ADHD condition) my journey has been one of heartbreaking determination, endurance; resilience and a “Keep on Keeping on attitude!” We just can’t quit! I’m here to prove to others like myself that they too can do anything with the right coping tools and relationship with Jesus. I say this because in order for Christ to help me overcome this condition I needed God to add His “super” to my “natural.”

My faith in Christ has propelled me to defy scientific odds and why I hope to educate society about the misinformed stigmas they have about the condition. I speak of my own funny ticks & quirks which opened up a door to self-awareness in learning to love/accept myself after 30 years. The misunderstanding of ADHD helped motivate me to help others learn more about ADHD’s pitfalls, its hidden strengths and the tremendous rejection it can cause for those still trying to cope.

Join me as I try to inspire you (through Christ on my life) to try (one more time) by applying new coping skills and by coaching you in how you can move into higher level learning. I believe these skills can offer ideas for children, teens, students, and adults still struggling to “tame their braino!” I believe these skills will teach folks (that struggle with the condition or not) how to create needed structure that can propel them into higher level education as well as career success.