Moving Out of the Blind Spots by Dr. Missy Hood

If you’ve been diligent in staying right in step with the spirit, chances are your are now beginning to align to move into your Holy of Holies.  If you have just been making excuses or in denial about your walk with the lord this is season where God is moving the bride out of the old and into the new. 

Into the place of transmission, the transmission of the Glory.  To be laid upon those who have chosen to abide in Christ while He begins to abide in them.  The new place of God is going to take those who have been purified, refined and made whole into the dimension where the groom can begin to dwell with His bride- covered by Love.

So if your still having a hard time loving people, OR obeying God, doing what He’s been directing you to do in past seasons, chances are you still have a ways to go  in order to align. 

ALIGNMENT MEANS:  Letting God put His finger on things in our hearts that might make us feel uncomfortable.  Because of the pain that was caused, or offense, etc.  Those things that were triggered because of generational sin/ or by our own flesh.  But Gods mercies are new everyday and He will always been willing to set us free if we are willing to do things His way.  Allowing us to enter into the new place to dwell with our King.

How Witchcraft is attacking us:

Rage from the devil- if you have people manifesting around you all of a sudden-

Or when you try to accomplish the things God has given you to do and distraction after distraction comes up, chances are you are dealing with mega witchcraft.

The enemy is pulling out all of the stops in his efforts at stopping the DAVIDS from entering into their Holy of Holies/ or God reestablishing His heart within His Front Runners.  REMEMBER:  IF ONE BREAKS THROUGH THEY BREAK EVERYONE THROUGH! 

What does that look like?

Are you under pressure?  But still feeling at peace?  That’s a very good thing because those who haven’t been diligent in getting free will began having a VERY difficult time in this season as the Glory begins to fall.  They will not be protected because God can’t dwell where sin is.  SO the glory won’t be able to land on a vessel with a corrupt heart.  Hence, those vessel will remain OUT SIDE of the camp- OUTSIDE of God’s glory subjected to all sorts of demonic things. 

FOR THOSE who have been faithful to get free:

They will enter the most fruitful season of their lives.  In every arena. 

So if you are experiencing an increase in demonic winds around you chances are you need to get to work asking God where you need freedom in your at from?   Because its only going to get worse for those refusing to be challenged.

TWO MAIN TOPICS of the hour that are hurdles for the Church:

  1. Justification

If you are one of those that refuses to look at your heart issues – or one that justifies the darkness, or many you’ve got blind spots which keep your in denial- then you will subjected to the bitter winds that are kicking up in this season.

I genuinely sense that God is giving us ALL a chance to stand up, and get it right with Him , to become realigned to where we can dwell with Him where He always intended for us to be.  But if we aren’t even willing to take a look at our heart then even God can’t won’t step in to assist us when the devil attacks.  Because WE chose to stay there.  Everything in the kingdom is a choice.  WE choose to come into the things of the spirit  or we choose to stay out Kingdom through our flesh/sin/unhealed areas.