TENT MAKING: Moving through the Dimensions of God’s Spirit.

I haven’t written my blog in such a long time as God had me using it for Miems.  But I’ve come to the conclusion that Miems only go so far in trying to change a heart.  And my heart is that of wanting to help people change.  Which brings me to the topic of “Tent Making of All things!”  From Miems to tent making!

You know “Tent Making” is interesting.  Its interesting in how God designs/constructs/ and then streamlines the tent allowing light to permeate it in all the right places.

Part of going/growing with God is learning about His characteristics or His heart.  Learning about God’s heart as He fills our tents entails our learning how to change or be changed.  A heart ready to receive anything (at a moment’s notice) where that heart to move out of the old and into the new.  Learning to follow the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. 

Learning to follow God into places/dimensions of His spirit, getting to know Him intimately as He teaches us about Himself.  Which allows His bride to dwell intimately near His heart like David did.   David was a man after God’s own heart because David knew how to approach a holy God.  He knew how to rely on God, how to follow God when he did not understand what God was doing, he trusted God, and he held a repentant heart.

The one thing that God is trying to convey in this hour if we want to see Him “Tabernacle”  over us:

IS that God is looking for a people group after HIS own heart.  But what does that mean?  It means that we will have to learn God’s ways, His patterns, and protocols in how He does things if we want to hang out with Him.

When you get to know your friends or spouses, significant others, don’t you take time to get to know them better if you want true loving relationships to develop?  The same could be said of God, but the most important thing needed is that God cannot- HE WILL NOT- dwell where sin is. 

Which brings me to another point:

How many of you “Feel” like you have to be perfect in order to dwell or have a Christian relationship with Jesus (GOD)?  Do you ever remember Jesus telling anyone to go and clean themselves up BEFORE they came to Him?  Or before they got saved which allowed relationship with Him?  No.   Because we can’t heal/deliver ourselves. 

Instead, Jesus told them to “Come as you are” which is the most significant part of the message that God is trying to get across to His children.  Come as you are: meaning- God doesn’t expect us to be perfect because we are human.  HOWEVER- He does expect us to be obedient in changing or being willing to be changed.

The unwilling heart has caused so much sorrow to those it affects and it’s the main reason why there are so many divisions in relationships these days.  “Dysfunction Junction” to the extent that many hearts don’t know how to relate in true love anymore.  I believe that’s because of the fear of not knowing what true love acts like, feels like, speaks like or the standard required to dwell within it.

THIS is part of why God is drawing nearer to His people.  TO REBUILD/MEND/ and fix their tents!

So that He can once again dwell near those He loves. 

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Until next week, begin talking to God and asking Him to show you what needs to be moved out of your tent so that His Light can begin to fill you up with POWER!  MOUNTAIN MOVING POWER!

Love in Christ,

Dr. Missy