Prophetic Word for America by Dr. Melissa Hood


 Prophetic Word by Dr. Missy Hood

When Leaders turn the People Away from the Lord/& His Nation

God is hopping angry at the national leaders in America now…& they have HIS FULL attention!

So satan’s seed is at war with God’s Seed – and the  events around you may cause you concern, but God knows what He’s doing.  And God’s  looking for you. When circumstances are the most difficult will be when God will surprise you with a special victory!

When God hides His godly people…He does it to keep them for such a time to lift them up, used to restore a nation.

And  when we follow the Prophets/priests- God will give us the weapons that we need to secure the victory.  But we must remember – its not US that fights its GOD! The wicked might think they are winning, but they will wake up only to find GOD has secured the victory and they’ve been toppled. God is calling His people back to Himself now.  And those that are listening are heeding the call.  The rest are staying outside of the safety zone. But God is NOW reinstalling HIS GODLY leaders so that He might turn the nation back to Himself.

And God is NOT accepting NO for an answer!  But God is also demanding that our temples BE DELIVERED From the things that drew us away from Him.  This is why SO many are going through major deliverance for their bloodlines are present.  So as NOT to repeat history again.

This is also why so many are figuring out WHO they are in God in this season & finding their positions in the Kingdom in this hour. God has stationed them like the workers on Nehemiah’s wall. And MANY MANY MANY have obeyed, despite their blessings flowing or not…they KNOW this is GOD.  So they have followed the Lord into the temple so that He might restore them.

For those who choose to stay outside and continue doing things their own way, will quickly find that there is NOTHING on the outside, that can remedy their plight.  ONLY submission to a holy God.  He’s the ONLY healer, the ONLY redeemer and CHRIST WILL NOT share His throne with ANYBODY!  Not even their spoiled rotten butts. For God has observed and seen who has been faithful, and who have been taking His blessings for granted.  So God the Father has stepped off His throne and is NOW disciplining those who choose to continue on in their immaturity.

God is demanding that we grow up in Him…so that we TOO, might share in His true inheritance…ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!  Just like Jesus, seated at His right hand, commanding angels, and creating atmospheres with heaven here on earth…ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!

But for those who choose not to come inside and not have their temples REMODELED, will have NO power..NO protection, NO NOTHING.

The problem with people wanting to do things their own way is that they will listen to ANY wind & doctrine that will allow them to continue on in their sin/in their deception so that they never have to do what God is calling them to do.  TO SUBMIT to a power greater than themselves.  But we are ALL moving in spiritual direction now, to where ONLY God’s obedient will enter into the fullness of TIME…the FULLNESS of God’s spirit because God cannot dwell where sin is, HE WILL NOT draw near to hearts disobedient to His patterns.  His ways…and God’s ways are NOT man’s ways.    AND a servant has NO right to rule in the palace of a king.  Meaning: those who choose to remain slaves to their sin/to sinful behaviors/generational cursings/mindsets have no place ruling /reigning with God because the past has no power for where God wants to take us in the future.  Only a power greater than ourselves can get us there.  A power that is supernatural, that joins us with HIMSELF so that we too might be endued with that same power to overcome.  And God doesn’t care if you’re hurting in this season or not…He wants compliance and He wants us to stand up in the middle of the pain shouting back to the devil WHO IS GOD over our lives, the past (with the devil’s cursings) or JESUS with His FREEDOM!   Because our pain will STILL not give us the RIGHT to disobey when He tells us to pick up our mats  and walk! When the power is there GOD IS THERE and so we have FULL ability to come forward.

And God  is expecting ALL of His creation to obey (believers and unbelievers alike)…for the sect that doesn’t will die off, like a bad patch of grass.  It will grieve the Lord, because no one likes to lose something they’ve  cultivated…but He can’t control which parts of His creation  will CHOOSE to receive His nutrients of truth and which will not.

Because a Father know the Heart of His true children.   He owes the goats, the grass feeders  nothing, because they are so stubborn and won’t adhere to His ways. So the SEPARATION HAS BEGUN.