PART II of the Prophetic Word for 2018 by Chuck Pierce Ministries

Prophetic Word for 2018

Saturday Prophecies

Through Chuck Pierce Ministries Conference

You must allow the things that have happened to you in the past to become a part of your true identity because just trying to forget about it will only hurt you more.  God wants you to see how He’s going to use those hurts to help many in your future….remember- WE’RE ALL going through something! You’re NOT the only one…although it might feel like it.

Pick up your rod of authority Moses from the things that have happened to you in the past!  RECEIVE the shift!

Let Joy rise up!

By Dan Hammer – Living from Heaven to Earth (healthy way of living) God as Our Source/Provider

Are we living from earth to heaven or from Heaven to earth?  Too many people are living thru their emotions from earth to heaven instead of in the correct way from Heaven to earth.

We need to get our eyes back to heaven where the promises are made and fulfilled.  Lord, we surrender our lives fresh and anew!  New anointing with the BREAKER anointing that will come into this place touching all those reading this, hearing this NOW in Jesus name!

This is a year of opening doors, or angelic warriors going before us!

Gen 15:1 – After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision…. God allowed Abraham to pick where he wanted to be but he allowed Lot to pick first.  BUT Abraham surrendered to God’s will with what He wanted in their lives.  Abraham surrendered to God’s sources…..Because he knew how RICH God was!  SO he allowed God to be his source.

And God blessed him ABUNDANTLY!  Because he didn’t go to man, HE RELIED ON GOD ONLY!

A lot of you have gone through many things in this last season where God then had us wait until He released His promises over us.  Some of you are in a waiting period…after the deep hurts, after the deep trials, because God is “readying” you for destiny.  WHO WILL AGREE WITH GOD?  It’s a choice to agree or to disagree and do it our own way.  BUT WHO WILL AGREE WITH GOD?  Because only God knows how to get you there!

God wants the church that this is NOT a season for them to be afraid it’s a time to PUSH THE BATTLE TOWARDS THE GATES OF THE ENEMY!  AND BUST THOSE GATES WIDE OPEN!  God is saying DO NOT BE AFRAID I AM YOUR SHIELD!  Ps 84:9- where God is our shield- quit worrying about the backlash that could come, ITS NOT GOING TO. You cannot take another man’s sphere but only your own destiny/but your sphere of influence will be increased. This is a season where the older mothers/fathers of the faith will build the next generation. God wants Sons/Daughters who will be released into the nation for upcoming wars ahead.

God WILL open the door to your destiny for you – Some of you will become an overnight success in 2018. Some of you are in circumstances where you’re asking how you’re going to fulfill what God wants to do thru you because your current circumstances LOOK so barren…BUT GOD!  Don’t question God in this because God can change your circumstances on a dime!  AND it’s worth the wait! GOD HAS A WAY BIGGER “YES” for you than you can imagine!

Matt 25: The Kingdom will operate like this in the last days…the wise virgins will be anointed with the oil of the Lord because they walked in intimacy with Him. You can’t give your intimacy with Jesus to someone else….ITS BETWEEN YOU AND HIM!  AND GOD treasures that with you!  Each person has to cultivate their own!

This intimacy will open doors of opportunity in the world for you!

Heb 11 – Don’t get stuck in your own little tent- or your own little frustration and fears, go outside of your tent and LOOK UP AT THE STARS and begin to dream again!  Begin to believe God for your promises AGAIN!  Because God is a God who CANNOT LIE! AND those promises He put down into your heart WILL come to pass!  Whether you know or sense a direction to move in or not.  God will make a way where there is no way.


All you need to do is Go out and look at the stars and remind God of what He put into your heart….DECREE IT back to Him!  Get it out into the spiritual atmosphere again and keep it out there by saying it over and over again so it can formulate to manifest for you in the natural!  Job 22:28-30 – IF I DECREE A THING IT WILL BE ESTABLISHED!

Your promise that God has given you has the ability to REFRAME the world- and when your vessel is walking with God you have the ability to change EVERY atmosphere you walk into because of His anointing on your life.  You’ve got to start believing that again, YOUR VESSEL IS POWERFUL- it always has been.  GET OUT OF THE OLD Glory (those old high school memories) and come live in the present Glory because God wants to manifest a NEW GLORY around your life.  It doesn’t matter how your life has been in the past- You don’t have a Past- YOU JUST HAVE THE NOW!   Leave the past hurts, the past trauma where it belongs and come into NEW JOY…That hurt, that trauma was used to make you into the WHO YOU ARE TODAY!  To be used MIGHTILY by God and the new anointing wouldn’t have been built had God Not allowed it to happen.  So get over your anger at the injustices and MAKE YOURSELF COME FORWARD!  It’s all good!

Release from the Lord:

IN Jesus Name:  That God has a purpose and a plan and that you can change the course of history.  That you heard the word of Abraham (he was not perfect) but God changed his name and he became a father to the faithful! That they will come out of their tent and begin to dream again, WE release the Anointing thats released as leaders in government, there is going to be such an anointing on them to release them into their destiny so that they can be added to the hall of faith. Father you are a rewarder to those that diligently seek you.  Father we release the oil of intimacy with you Lord! NOW in the name of Jesus.

Father you are writing my chapter into Chapter Hebrews 11- the faith chapter, and you’re adding our names to that chapter!  We WILL be men/women of FAITH!   DOING HUGE MARVELS, RECEIVING NEW MANTLES of FAITH by the spirit.  The mantles to plant, to flourish, a whole new season in how you have been rooted , we begin to flourish, and Father we say the Glory of God is coming to our regions, the river of God is rising in our regions, we thank GOD for the hammers who have broken through in our regions!  That the word of God will become a MIGHTY hammer to our entire region!  And we THANK you Lord for how you’re moving in/around our lives.  We can’t thank you enough for the ANSWERS that are FINALLY coming after this LONG painful season.    Generational breakthrough is coming for the family!

By Chuck Pierce: Word of the Lord for the Warrior

Disciple us LORD as Your MIGHTY ARMY!  Go is REQUALIFYING HIS ARMY….Don’t disqualify and judge others because God has written a new job description for his warriors.  You’re going to prosper in a way that you’ve never prospered, get ready for God is doing a new thing for the 3 years ahead and YOU WILL prosper! ALL TRIBES ARE BEING ALIGNED by the Lord, KNOW THE TIMING as this will send the enemy into confusion around you!  God has old warriors and new warriors but God will have ONLY 1 warring body says the Lord.  Cleanse yourself into the unit that God is calling you to be. You’ve held onto 1 weapon but God has new weapons of war for you to grab!  God has harvest weapons rising up, God says get ready because god is sending you forth into the field and God is calling you into Babylon and that God WILL DO HIS WILL!

Speaker John Kelly- THE NEW MOVE OF THE APOSTOLIC/PROPHETIC/INTERCESSION/ On Earth as it is in Heaven!

We are in a moment in God and there is a new move coming in the Apostolic and Prophetic movement.

Ephesians 1:

Having made known unto us the mystery of His will according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself.

Meaning: Paul and others have made a major discovery just like today where we are in a major move where God is creating a 3 cord bound (Prophetically, Apostolically, and thru intercessors).

The mysteries of God include us hearing the Father, Son & Holy Ghost, but the MYSTERIES of God include our understanding the times and the secrets that move each generation forward.

Paul saw that this thing God showed him (with God’s Purpose), because when we come into the presence of God, we are coming into a relationship, communication between us, the Father, Son & Holy Ghost.  The God head is where we find Mysteries, the STRATEGIES for our life, but the PURPOSES of these strategies for GOD’S KINGDOM….DON ‘T EVER CONFUSE THEM.

And the one thing God wants you to know is that God is pleased with you!  God loves it when we light our fires again in HIM!  AND MAN IS THE FIRE OF CHRIST GETTING LIT WITHIN YOU!

BUT, there is something else about to happen:  When God speaks to us (dream/vision or prophetic word) that is a seed that’s being laid in our heart/mind but it needs to germinate and grow.   So we have to wait for it to come to pass which takes time.   So many of us have had seeds planted within our hearts, and many of us are on the tipping point of God.  Dependent upon the size of the ship that God has to turn (or the transformation process of your vessel- how agreeable you are with the process) will determine how fast your ship turns towards the dream!

The bigger the seed, the longer the process.  So some words can’t happen overnight.

The SHIFT begins NOW!  That is literally moving us into a WHOLE nother thing that has come along beside us. BUT the shift has to do between heaven and earth. SO!  In order for us to receive this inheritance we have to die (to self) but in reality we have to COME ALIVE in HIM!  SO that Jesus in us can walk out the dream through us!  It’s a prophetic call/revelation that is going to take place in the earth for those who have discovered the mystery.

There are those in leadership that hear/declare and develop strategies (this is a difference between an Apostle and Prophet) because God gives them dreams/visions etc.  BUT their role is to take those things and bring those designs (divine designs) into a reality.  God said there are people in the earth where people will be ruling and reigning.

This same power that raised Christ from the dead calls us to be seated with Christ in Heavenly places.  And if Jesus is seated over ALL, then  YOU ARE SEATED OVER ALL! (over the demonic, over ALL).

Rev 1:6- we are a holy nation of kings and prophets under God!   Meaning: we are under a priestly mantle, a restoration, of the prophetic word (prophecy) where we can receive revelation from God about His word.  We then begin to have dreams restored, then the intercessors ministry begins to be restored,

Because the Prophets declared the intercessors movement into being: THIS is the priestly restoration. When we begin to move in this movement we are NO LONGER a prophetic people, we become a PROPHETIC APOSTOLIC people.  Then we all become kings and priests!  So the anointing increases.

So God is bringing heaven and earth together BUT only through US!  We’re not sitting around waiting for Him to do it, WE have to be obedient and allow Him to move through our vessel!

Spiritual warfare:  A Heavenly form and a form in the earth where we’re casting demons out of people!

Every 5 fold minister SHOULD KNOW how to cast out demons. BUT!  Apostles cast out people as well as demons.  Because if that demon can’t get cast out (if the person doesn’t receive the correction to get it cast out) then the person HAS TO GO! Because the person loves the sin which allows the demon to stay.

When we enter into the heavenly realm all of us that are of a prophetic nature do business with powers, principalities, and rulers of wickedness in high places.  These are realms of authority (including governments of churches, cities, nations, businesses, or whatever) BUT WE HAVE authority over them!  ALL MEANS ALL- in heaven & in earth.

CEO’s, Politicians, leaders in churches have incredible power. In Heaven and earth- you see, heaven is our first point of warfare but until we understand our first point of warfare in the heavenlies we will never have the authority to do it in the earthly realm.

A new heaven and new earth (the old is passing away).  We can only enter the heavenly realm by coming into His presence. It’s a realm that it in we must be totally given over to it spiritually. Our Garden of Eden (our Holy of Holies, OUR COURTS) must be taken so that we will have dominion over it! Then that DOMINION increases/EXPANDS into our outer perimeters.

Bringing heaven here into the earth realm!  This changes the atmospheres around our vessel! These atmospheres bring order into the lives of everyone that comes into them. THEN the blessings flow.

God is bringing heaven here into the earth realm because He doesn’t want us getting into heaven and have “culture shock.”  So we have to understand how to operate in the Presence, in that heavenly realm, earth is an environment, we see, taste, smell it, but it’s a places that’s right there with us all the time.  Just like Heaven should be with us all the time.  The earth is about reestablishing/restoring/tearing down /building back up, (our life, and ministry) but we are coming under a wisdom and knowledge anointing so that we can operating in a higher realm.


Wherever we have the 7 mountains, there is going to be a major change taking place, where we go from an imbalance to a BALANCE working with people once again.  Realizing that all of this is bigger than us!   We ALL need each other!

By Keith Pierce -Prophetic Word: About  Past Seeds Sown, BREAKING OFF GENERATIONAL CURSES OF POVERTY  ONCE & FOR ALL!

The Lord says the He is looking down and laughing at this time because God is roping in blessings now and pulling in that which had gone in various directions, what happened right now in the earth will begin to manifest over the next 3 years, it will be as the oceans and the seas coming together to bring your strength back, where God turns your weakness into strength- FRESH NEW STRENGTH, APOSTOLIC Strength raising up. Where the enemy sought to take us out through past issues God used those issues to RAISE US UP EVEN HIGHER!  There is an impartation for new strength for this new season.

The enemy attacked the seed of your sowing, but the seeds that have ALREADY been sown in past seasons will help you to possess the gates of the enemy!  SO NO FEAR! Within the next 3 months as you get alone with God in the secret place God is going to change the order of worship which will increase God’s mantle on you, causing everyone around you to align!   YOU WILL FORM THAT WHICH HAS NOT BEEN SEEN OUT OF REVELATION- THERE IS A FULLNESS THAT’S NOT BEEN SEEN WHICH HAS TO BE FORMED. LOOK INTO THIS NEW PLACE AND WATCH GOD’S HAND START FORMING IT!

The complete rod of authority is being brought down that will join truth and spirit that’s never been joined before so that INCREASE can be released!   THE JOSEPH Anointing!   Through secrets that can break poverty off of God’s people, out of the poverty mindset so that you have keys to prosperity which will be placed in to your hand so that the blessings of the Lord can be released into the earth realm. WATCH and SEE the Lord as He breaks the Curse of Poverty OFF of your life, OFF OF HIS People in a new way! NOW in Jesus Name! IT’S STARTED!

The Rod of the Lord has been laid out before you Moses, so that the new transportation can take you to your new place of provision. Because the beauty in your heart will change the Kingdom around you.  THEN a new realm of authority is being placed into your hand so that the generational cursing’s will be broken off around you!

 Speaker Venner Alston – Prophetic Word – New Mantle for 2018

For everyone that’s come there is a new mantle that is being constructed by the spirit that you will wear throughout 2018.  So God is constructing new mantles, & what God is doing is mending this new mantle through Passover and Penecost for ANOTHER mantle to replace it.

Ex 13:17

So it happened when Pharaoh let the people go.  God was concerned that the people would change their minds when they saw war, and might want to return to Egypt.

But we have a very real devil and there is going to be war. This past season has been about God building capacity in the church. The ability to withstand whatever is going to come your way God had to build something in us so that we would be able to move through the hard places.

When tragedy hits you will have to have the capacity to deal with it. Every one of us have been through hard places. If God hadn’t done this in us we would have been stunted and gotten stuck.  Through the sadness, through the sorrow, God has rebuilt us in a new way.   So when we are confronted by our enemy we won’t back down but say “We’re all in.”  2018 is about Execution- being able to confront the devil and take HIM DOWN!

2018 is the year of manifestation and execution and the year that we’re going to get it done! We’ve been in this wilderness place, but its time for us to come through it and come through the door, where there’s glory with his sword in his hand, where there’s provision.  It’s a year where God has to break the wilderness mentality off of us.  The wilderness can make you lose all hope and expectation through the spirit of poverty to where we expect others to take care of us. And God says “NOPE!”  It’s MY responsibility to take care of you!   So we MUST have the wilderness mentality taken off of us.  Wilderness babies have a different way of thinking they have a different loyalty, different ambitions, but if we allow it, the wilderness can rob us of our ambitions. IT’S TIME for us to go in and possess our portion.

In 2018 we will see 3 generations warring together in the spirit and it will cause the outpouring of miracles.

God said I am about to enlarge your borders beyond what you can believe!  The anointing that God has your carrying will cost you EVERYTHING! We all want the anointing, but you have no idea how much it will cost you to have it. IT will cost you some relationships that you thought you needed. Some people that you walked with in 2017 will not be allowed to walk with you in 2018. LET THE OLD GO!  God is breaking them off!  When God is enlarging your borders people from your past can’t walk with you because they don’t understand you!

This is a season where we’re going to align with heaven and angels in a new way.   God has a way where He will come around full circle with you.    Some of the stops God has asked us to make were VERY painful stops!   So we are learning how to align with Him.   We cried in our wilderness, because it was hard. It broke some of us to a pool of tears.

Because the wilderness gets DIFFICULT!   But God wants you to know that you didn’t get there by your own ability despite what you did, God kept moving you through.  He handed you a Kleenex through your tears and kept building capacity and an ability to WAR, FIGHT AND WIN!   This is a season where we must learn to follow the cloud of His presence.

If you don’t know what to do STAND STILL until God gives you the NEXT Prophetic Download of what to do! This a season where your voice is going to be important where you’re going to have to learn to speak to some stuff in the demonic to stop the attacks of the devil!

We are TIRED of not having what we need and going without IT IS MY SEASON OF MULTIPLE BREAKTHROUGHS! So without confrontation you will NOT possess your portion.  You have to speak to it, bind it away, and LOOSE/DECREE the word of God (those Key’s He’s given you) that unlock those doors to your future.

You will have to fight SCARED! You have to learn to confront the thing that strikes terror in your heart through the torment of the enemy and you’re going to have to learn how to rise up and CONFRONT IT!  HIT IT BACK and make it BOW DOWN!

The Lord commands every argument that the enemy has placed in your mind through poverty, through relationships, through your isolation to BE BROKEN PERMANENTLY NOW with Luke 10:19!  And Sealed OFF with Romans 3:25!

The Lord says to watch for the MEGA portion in 2018 to come to your door so that you can move forward in favor, and prosperity.  I command the release of our portion, that every blockage with Luke 10:19 be SHATTERED and moved out of the way NOW!  WE decree testimony after testimony will come into your sphere about the goodness God has brought into your wallet!

You’re fixing to turn into the man/woman of God that God always meant for you to be!  A man/woman of respect, of stature!  2018 is YOUR MEGA PORTION YEAR! Many of you have known this since you were small children!  And this is your year!  As you learn to rest in God God is going to bring your forward into prosperity like you’ve never seen!  It’s going to BAFFLE those around you because they’ve seen where you’ve been!

Your crews of oil are about to run over and NEVER be empty again! This is going to be the year of unprecedented breakthroughs!  Never done or never seen before- you will be astonished by what God is fixing to do in your life! But in order to maintain it you MUST stay in the new, you can’t go back to Babylon and walk in the old again,   KEEP COMING FORWARD!

Some of you are about to go from the back to the front of the line OVERNIGHT!  You’re going to have to know the difference between the devils voice and God’s voice to be able to hold on to the promise!

This is your year of Divine retribution and your about to get your stuff back!   People have taken stuff away from you and today God is intervening and restoring a 7 fold interest on what was stolen from you! Whether these devils were generational cursing’s operating or devils that thought they could take from you- the Lord says NO! DIVINE RETRIBUTION! NOW in Jesus name with all the blessings from your lineage that were unclaimed, all the mantles on your forefathers what went unclaimed, we call them DOWN onto your vessel NOW!  Because God saved the best for last!

God is raising up Apostles that will work for the weak to help them lift their heads back up into blessing and maturity in the Lord!~ In their minds, wills & emotions!

God is loosening a DAVIDIC anointing over your lives where you will move from victory after victory after victory and everything is coming back to you with interest!

There is an anointing on the widows, and for all warriors to advance for the next 3 years!  WE RECEIVE IT! Lord we ask for the ACTIVATION of this word through the word of Knowledge like we’ve never experienced prosperity before! Lord I Loose this and the movement (with Luke 10:19) by Chuck Pierce NOW in Jesus Name!

Chuck Pierce- We are aren’t just contending for a door, but a DOUBLE DOOR  for the double portion!

Decree the double would come down onto everything you set your hand to.

 Speaker Dutch Sheets – Moving Through the Double Doors/Double Portion of Blessing

The praying apostolic people in the earth have made great progress in the last couple of decades.  There are things happening to today that were decreed 15 or 20 years ago and we are coming to the end of a season of birthing breakthrough and plowing.  We are about to move into a season of tremendous harvest and it’ll be so significant that its not a new season that we’re moving into but a new era.

We could very well see more people saved than we’ve seen in the previous decades!  The fields are so ripe and the breakthroughs so profound that we’re going to see this tidal wave of revival.

Prophetic Dream-

Happened at the end of week that Trump declared US was moving its Embassy to Jerusalem. McMaster was in the dream, responsible for protecting US, but he came to the friend of Dutch, friend was a farmer/crop duster.  McMaster said: we have 1000 tankers of 1000 year old olive oil from Israel that we’ve been waiting for the right time to fly over America to Spray ALL OVER AMERICA!  Spraying the nation with the Father’s Glory.

You don’t have to be prophetic to see the significance of it. This stands for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.   Stands for Divine Completeness. Everything we’ve been crying out for is about to take place.

It’s going to hit every mountain!  ALL 7 mountains- and the glory of the Lord is coming.  Its about revelation – is about to be sprayed all over the nation. It’ll protect us. And the timing of the dream is impeccable.

This is the Authority of the Church- keys to the Kingdom.

Is 22:2- God will give you the Key of the House of David that will give you the ability to open doors that no one can close, and close doors that no one can open.

Whatsoever things you bind on the earth is bound in the heavenlies-Even the gates of hell can’t stop it.

God’s life in High Definition.  Is 2:22 (ZOE /Gods life in High definition).

Means: Sound with a high degree of accuracy- THIS IS the NEW PROPHETIC HEARING, THIS IS THE SEEING with the new degree of accuracy, all the fog is lifting, all the confusion is fixing to “go!”  Because your fixing to flow in the spirit of ZOE of God in high definition!

We’re getting ready to knock out giants! The body is getting ready to come into such unity with one another that we will become a SMOOTH running engine!

NOW is the time to start knocking out the giants.  NOW is the SEASON!  God has placed a new boxing glove on our hands

God knew our weakness, He knew we would stumble and fall, but God also knew He would get us through these season transforming us into friends of God with unwavering faith! Despite your sin, your unbelief, despite your mistakes GOD BROUGHT YOU TO YOUR DESTINY.  Because God kept his covenant ability to keep us and sustain us even through our sins and failures and give us the ability to persevere.  Because God is BIGGER than all that!

It’s not about you it’s about HOW BIG GOD IS.  God is bigger than your failures.

God is going to uncover and EXPOSE the enemy in this season.  Goliaths name means to reveal or expose. These are Goliaths (the Giants) will be taken down in our lives, because we’ve been given new boxing gloves by God.

God is going to reveal the supernatural strongholds in the earth (for AMERICA) but its also far bigger than America. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is coming to the entire earth. Some of these giants have ruled parts of the earth since the fall! (when a 1/3 of the angels fell)

AND God is going to show us how to take them out! HUGE STRONGHOLDS ARE COMING DOWN!

“The Lord said He is going to Pioneer Hebron again” – What is this Hebron thing?

Hebron means Friendship, intimacy, but it’s a strong alliance born out of relationship. Over time Hebron had been taken over by Giants, during 1 season.

Hebron was also the highest point in all the land, and demons love to take the high places where they can rule. So what once was a place of friendship and intimacy now is a stronghold.  Where people were once friends of God.

But the city turns into a place that causes the Israelites to turn to fear and they end up running from their inheritance. Joshua came in- and saw the mountain with these big dog demons on it, and told God’ GIVE ME MY (HE KNEW IT WAS HIS) MOUNTAIN!  GIVE ME MY MOUNTAIN!  It was already Joshua’s to begin with.

The place where they ran from becomes a place where they run to find peace, safety and life.

These are all pictures of Christ. So Hebron is a place that’s been transformed into what it was supposed to be AS WILL THE U.S. AND OUR LIVES.  What happens at the head will trickle down like the oil on the beard of Aaron! The higher the mountain, the closer to God, the more authority we have because we dwell on the mountain!

We are ALL fixing to liberate our regions of all the giants/strongholds that once held them and through the spirit of Caleb that will free entire people groups into cities of refuge.  WE WILL SEE THAT HAPPEN IN THIS SEASON!

Covenantal intimacy is one of the gloves of God. (The boxing gloves),


The praying Church has now established AIR SUPERIORITY OVER THE ENEMY!