Prophetic Words for 2018 FRIDAY NIGHT (Saturday Coming!) Thru Chuck Pierce Prophetic Conference

Prophetic Word for 2018

Prophetic Word for 2018

By Chuck Pierce Ministries Conference


By Ray Garcia Hidden Sin

STOP abusing God’s Grace with Hidden sin as it won’t be tolerated in 2018!  You MUST get your nets cleaned up from old baggage, so that you can stand in 2018!  Stop blaming everybody else for things of the past, use God’s Grace, use it for where YOU’VE missed it and come up! Repent!  If you’ll allow God to clean your nets that net will be used to catch EVERYTHING that is supposed to be caught in your life in 2018! God needs us to be free of everything that would slow us down in 2018!

Ask God to clean your nets for this new season!

By Helen Epps I’m Walking in my Wealthy Place!

We are walking in a NEW Wealthy place!  You’ve gotta begin to speak it out, not matter where you’re at, no matter what things look like SPEAK IT OUT! DECREE IT!

Ps 66:12 I’m walking in my wealthy place!

You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance.  You don’t want what the devil took from you, YOU WANT EQUAL OR BETTER!  Get into crazy worship!  This is a season for unexplainable, undeniable glory!  You must have proper alignment with God in this season, are you willing to press in!  And mean it!  You’re not lukewarm but on FIRE for Christ!  This is how you be endowed with power from on high!  This is why we’ve felt like we’ve been stuck, we haven’t been stuck, God made us TARRY in this place until WE RECEIVED HIS POWER!  HEYA! SHIFT!   Obedience is better than sacrifice!  In this season you’ve gotta move because you won’t have time to question if its God or not. And it’s a new sound within His voice, so you will have to be able to recognize it!    In this season its going to be about the “Suddenlies!”  so you will have to be prepared and to move quickly! What took years to get done in the past will only take seconds, or moments now.    Get rid of the junk out of your mouth and life this year so that you can carry the new wine so that your life might be able to EXPAND!    This means in order for you to enter into this new place you have to say YES to expansion!  (YES LORD, EXPAND MY TENT STAKES! With IS 52:12) Manifest it Lord with Mark 11:23-24!  I receive it!

This is more than money!  Live for the kingdom! When you uphold the standard of kingdom that is where the wealth transfers from the spirit into the natural! When to say YES to the Lord/the Holy Spirit ALL THE WAY, because He’ll take you all the way.  But if you say YES  only up to a point) then you will rise up ONLY to that point in every area of your life!

The Pain:  It is in your pain that you’re anointing rises up! In the midst of a trial/struggle that you realize who Jesus is.  You’re gonna be alright, you just gotta know that eyes have not seen and ears have not heard the things God is going to do for you!  Jesus is wanting you to realize WHO HE IS TO YOU!  TRUST HIM and believe the words that we preach/teach!  BELIEVE HIM when He gives you a word (LIKE THIS ONE) PRESS INTO HIM!

Word by Chuck Pierce:

There are things that we will be going through in 2018 that will make us feel like we’ve gone over the edge when they will actually take us into blessing! BUT!  We are protected by God!

By Cindy Jacobs MAJOR WEALTH TRANSFER/Multiple Items God is Dealing With

Chuck Pierce gave a small Prophetic Word:

Old cycles from 2017 that were weaknesses are being broken off &will not be allowed into 2018 with us. Lots of changes ahead, LOTS of realignments.  This is a year of supernatural increase, as the waters are re-aligning over the Sons/Daughters of Issachar! (Because they know the signs of the times).

 Cindy & Mike Jacobs:

It’s a new season of provision, One of the biggest dynamics of 2018 is that we are in a new season of provision. What triggers provision?  The heart.  Even if you don’t have money to give the season has shifted.  Because God is giving you a new mantle for provision. God is releasing us into a new area, DON’T MISS THIS WINDOW/GATE THAT GOD IS TRYING TO OPEN FOR YOU!  BECAUSE IT’S A GATE/WINDOW OF OVERFLOW!

It’s the year of the double. In 2018 it’s the year of possessing the gates of your future.  You’re not just going to have a blessing but a superabundance of blessing.  We’re going to get supernatural ideas/witty inventions,

& WE WILL BEGIN TO POSSESS THE GATE OF OUR ENEMIES!  (The Haman’s, those that harassed you)  God said I’m going to deal with the Slanderer’s, the gossipers, those that whisper or speak badly about you for no reason.  God said I’m going to deal with them and give you their blessings/possessions.

This is a year where we’re going to have open doors. Spiritual warfare tools are coming back as a teaching and people are going to become very interested in learning how to war again!

We are the Son’s/Daughters of Abraham and because of that the world is our inheritance. CALL IN THOSE BLESSINGS from all over the world!

Some of you will be before Kings and Presidents but God will show them that your coming in a dream before you get there and when you arrive they will they will already know you and have confirmation.

We are in the middle of the one of the biggest financial changes that we’ve ever seen.  There are going to be radical changes in banking within the next 10 years.   But God is going to show us the path we need to be on so that we can be provided for.  The “Transfer of Wealth” has ALREADY occurred,  but we have to pray for wisdom to know how to tap into it.


This year there is going to be HUGE focus on the family because God created the family.  This is a year for you to stand up and defeat those demons that came in to try to destroy your family.  Demons of jealousy, contention, divorce, THESE STRONGHOLDS MUST COME DOWN!

God says:  If you will be the bridge builder those walls will come down. Agree with your enemy and bless them and the walls will come down because God will turn their hearts back to repentance.

You need to buy Chuck Pierces Book “Possessing Your Inheritance” because this is a year where God wants to open the gates of blessing.

If you’re going to possess the gates of your future you’re going to have to keep your eyes open during crisis. To see where to plant your seeds.   No More Whining!

Some of you have a bloodline curse of worry/self-pity that needs to be broken off. Get UP OUT OF THAT PIT!  JOSEPH HAD TO AND YOU CAN TOO SO THAT YOU CAN GET INTO YOUR PALACE!

Examine where your walk with God has deteriorated, if we come into alignment then everything will come into alignment around us so that the blessing can flow.

This is a time to surrender completely to God (i.e. tithing, doing what He tells you to do when etc.)  Because God is trying to get us blessed!  And we have to show God that we have faith- how else are we going to change the world when we can’t even let God change 1 room in our house?

Rev 3:20-21

God is opening up new doors for you

Hab 2:14

God is getting ready to glorify Himself beyond imagination because He is getting ready for the quick harvest.


God is raising up the Daniels, God says He’s opening up the Deep State gates to justice!  MANY MANY People are going to go to jail!  But many will become Josephs in prison as God is cleaning up the FBI, the CIA, The Secret Service and the DOJ!

God is also getting ready to shake the UN! This is ALL a huge part of the “Turn Around” but we MUST PRAY for the MILLENNIALS because of all of the indoctrination/brain washing they’ve gone through or they will not enter into the restoration/Revival where they come back to church.  The enemy has done a bang up job in making millennials think they didn’t need God.  So they will need to be prayed for or they will turn against their elders in the coming years.

This new reformation is starting in Hollywood.

North Korea:  Kim Jung Un

God has hardened Kim Jung Un’s heart and He is taking him down as there will be NO 2nd chances for him. It’s a DONE DEAL and will happen in the coming months.



You need to make a list of things you want turned around and start decreeing TURNAROUND OVER THEM NOW in Jesus name!