Navigating the Courts of Heaven/When Prayers aren’t answered/HOW TO STOP a DEMONIC case against you in Heaven

Book Courts

(How to know if there is a case in heaven about you):

Do you have Unanswered prayer, Frustration over lack of fulfilling destiny, Constant and consistent trouble, Your lineage is under attack, no kingdom advancement, You carry a sense of guilt/unworthiness/LOTS of accusation against you or other symptoms?  Its because there is  hostility being released against you through the voices of darkness accusing you in heaven (the devil) within the God’s Court room (like the devil did with JOB) which can also manifes through those close to you in the earth).

You MUST get things into place FIRST!

  1. Get into worship first
  2. Ask that your Great Cloud if witnesses who have gone to heaven before you Stand with  you in the courtrooms of Jesus/God the Father  Heb 12: 22-24
  • Approach God the Father with Luke 11,Matt 6, Luke 18: 1-9 (widow dealing with an adversary)
  1. Ask that the books of heaven about YOUR life, your family, destiny, cities, etc.  be opened by the angel of the Lord (Rev 20:12)
  2. Tell the Lord HUMBLY that you think there is a case before Him in Heaven about you with Rev 12:10
  3. There are 5 positions of Jesus

High Priest– God prophesying blessing, God is for us and Jesus putting things legally in place

Intercessor – Jesus always intercedes for us

Mediator of New Covenant – Leagl Position (lawyer)/Reconciler

Lawyer/Advocate – Spirit of comfort, conciliation to be released

Head of the Church-  Jesus prophesies to bring the church to maturity

  • Agree with the accusations of the Adversary (If he has stopped your blessings, then he has a valid case before the Lord because the devils knows the bible/spiritual laws better than we do) with Matt 25:26

A .  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you make a list of offenses to God where you have broken spiritual laws,  or where your forefathers have broken spiritual laws OR where EITHER of you have committed sins that bring down the cursings of Christ onto you/your bloodline.

1).  Confess ALL those sins and cursings before the Lord,  inside the courts of heaven with John 1:9 and Ps 32

2). Confess all propensity towards sin with Eph 5:13

3). Repent as specifically as possible (ask God to show you!) with II Chron 7:14

4.) Receive the gift of righteousness with John 2:29

5). Ask if there are ANY hidden sins or cursings that you are unaware of  ask Jesus to cleanse these with I John 5:6


7)  Then start Calling down with Dt. 28 ALL generational blessings over you/YOUR FAMILIES (including LONG LIFE AND GOOD HEALTH!  The Lord said with LONG LIFE I WILL SATISIFY YOU AND SHOW YOU MY SALVATION!)

What are the accusations of the enemy against me in the spirit world?

Use the blood (Rom 3:25) to silence the voices against you in heaven

Lord let your Blood speak, let every voice speaking against me be silenced

We use the blood to undo what the devil has raised up against us

Agree with the accusations against you

THEN present the word of your testimony- PRESENT YOUR OWN CASE

  • Out of the books of Heaven- Ask God to open the books of heaven
  • Ask God to show you what’s in your book- that the enemy is speaking against
  • Use Prophetic words you’ve received (Getting married by Sheila Ramsey, Your Joyce Meyer Ministry by 20 prophets- Jennifer & Earl)
  • Lord I ask the Blood of Jesus (Rom 3:25) to speak to every accusing voice that’s trying to silence what God has spoken over me.
  • Lord I have a right to be here and stand in this place before you because of what you’ve done for me on the cross, I come into agreement with all intercession that has gone before to make these areas of my life a reality
  • Present cases based on promises from God’s word
  • Bring our tithes and offerings, as they have a testimony attached to them.

Heb 7:8

In the one case, the tenth is collected by people who die; but in the other case, by him who is declared to be living.

(The tithe is connected to the judicial testimony of your heart when you gave it)

Wages and reapers cry out and agree together causing God to judge an oppressive system

with Ex 6:6

*******There is money that belongs to you that’s trying to get into your hands- its crying out to get into the hands of the one that it belongs to righteously.

LORD_ everything that is mine, that was dedicated to my bloodline/ancestory, that the money that belongs to me would come into my hands and anything that needs to be judged- we are asking that you judge it!


Matt 5:23 -25

If there is bitterness/anger- go and reconcile.  (I have) Agree with your adversary-

25 “Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still together on the way, or your adversary may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison.  (caused by wrong testimonies attached to your money)

  Was your offering connected to greed, fear or manipulation

Ask God to strike from the record in heaven any offering brought with a wrong heart

Mal 3

Then the Lord will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness, and the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem will be acceptable to the Lord, as in days gone by, as in former years

Then the Lord will receive your offerings/tithes

If we bring our tithes/offerings with the right testimony God will judge all wrong accusations against it and YOU & God will set things in order around you!

This works corporately and personally

(Exp: Things in my bloodline:  adultery, stealing, bitterness, chaos, etc)

Ask God to accept your offerings with the right testimony.

  • In the area of stability (What Demonic accusation is causing the financial instability)
  • Marriage
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Blessing
  • Destiny
  • Wealth
  • Health


  • Per Missy Hood- THIS REALLY WORKS- I’ve done this once and had MEGA BREAKTHROUGHS that have continued on for the past 3 weeks afterwards. And the breakthroughs were BIG STUFF I had been praying about for 15 years!