Coming Out of All the Pain by Melissa Hood

You know, sometimes I think life can really take its toll on a heart.  Over the course of the last 30 years I feel like many Christians have endured more heartache, because of spiritual warfare, than we ever dreamed.  Most of the pain coming from those around us who refused to get free, leaving us to fend for ourselves, having to learn about things in the spirit that we had never dealt with before.

The fragmentation has really taken its toll on the minds, hearts and souls of believers who wern’t aware of what they were dealing with.  What we were dealing with was a strategy of the devil, so intricate that even a master mind couldn’t have figured it out. BUT GOD!  THANK GOD!  The enemies onslaught started over 30 years ago when he started targeting every generation of prophets to start sending in demonic attack after demonic attack through the increase in witchcraft/satanism.  These individuals were being raised up by the devil to be used as part of his army while God was starting to raise up His own for this Joel 2:5 movement.

But the Body of Christ let themselves be duped by Doctrines of Demons and Traditions of Man and were duped into believing that “hey, they were ok” yet all the while their lives were being shattered by trauma.

Hence, here we sit with all these people experiencing mental breakdowns and bitterness of soul all because they refused to listen to the promptings of the Lord telling them “Hey, your not getting fed here any longer, its time to  move on.”  Instead they stayed where it was comfortable, they didn’t want to leave their so called friends, although many of those people had betrayed them, wounded them, yet these warriors stayed on to endure more.

My question is this:

HOW much more trauma/abuse are you willing to endure at the hands of dysfunctional people who refuse to change or be changed?   How much more abuse are you willing to endure from  people so arrogant that they are STILL refusing to do what God has called them to do which is to get their butts into deliverance ministry and deep inner healing.  And I’m not going to sugar coat this any longer.  We are WELL beyond the body being “Stuck on Stupid” and all because they think they know more than God.  So much so that God has literally pulled back from their lives to the point that they are losing ground, blessings, and their future.

In this Blog,  I’m fixing to start educating people and equipping them spiritually so that they can learn to stand back up again spiritually and learn to FIGHT!   GOD’S WAY….. Through all the tools for each season….those tools change, this is currently a season of praising and decreeing the word over our situations.

You ready for change?  Good!  Then I’ll see you next week and give you some time to look through some of the prayers of self-deliverance I’ve posted here for YOUR convenience!

Your going to start taking yourself through deliverance!  You don’t need your pastor to do it.  All you need is YOU, these prayers, and God.  And  a little bit of faith.  A little bit is all it takes….a mustard seed- to MOVE THAT MOUNTAIN!

Melissa Hood