Deadliest Warriors in the History of Christianity: LIFTED UP FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! by Melissa Hood

She leans over with the aid of her Armor Bearer to grab hold of the heavy armor off its holder.

Helmet of Salvation firmly mounted onto her head: CHECK!
Breastplate of Righteousness firmly secured over her chest: CHECK!
Belt of Truth firmly girding up her loins: CHECK!
Shield of Faith securely in her hand: CHECK!
Newest, sharpest sword of the spirit grasped firmly in her hand: CHECK!

All is secure as her armor bearer helps to fasten her red cape onto her back. Responsibilites come with a General’s robe and she knows that her decisions will impact many. She feels the buckles tightening, being nestled up very tightly, up underneath each shoulder plate. She hears the clicking or snapping down of each side as the armor bearer pushes down. The pressure from the pushing makes her bristle with anticipation of what she knows awaits she and those she leads. She shoves her right foot down on the ground to force the armor to lie more flat over her shin area which ensures that she will not be cut down early. She knows the enemy always hits below the belt first so she always wants be prepared in case assaults try to left/right flank her. She looks out over her regiment knowing full well the darkness that awaits them but also smiling inside because the enemy has NO idea what surprise lies ahead of he/his forces.
There are very few women generals leading in God’s army but this warrior has known that Michael and his legions (God’s arch angel) have protected her life since she was placed in the womb. This warrior being placed into the earth was of rare anointing, a leader of leaders, with a ruling spirit as well as one who could see the enemy of her soul for miles on end. Like that of an eagle piercing even the thickest of armor with one stealth blow. God had indeed equipped her vessel to be the most deadly warrior/intercessor in the history of Christianity: The best of the best/cream of the crop.
Most laughed at her tom boy image growing up until she started blossoming into the woman of God in her latter years. Able to weld the sword of the spirit with such agility that even the demons fear the mere mention of her name. She is allowed by the Lion of the tribe of Judah to command His angelic hosts with such authority through the wind of Christ thats now so intertwined within her spirit man/woman that you can’t tell the difference between the two anymore.

She walks over to her horse and mounts up her armor bearer quickly straightening her robes over her horses buttocks.
Every move is precise as she guides her stead out in front of those under her command.
She looks out over the spirit realm and sees how the enemy is mounting yet turns around to look at those she leads:
These words are strategically spoken out of her mouth as her job is to prepare them for war:
“TODAY- the Lord is going ahead of you, He will be behind you, to your right and to your left! TODAY each one of you are serving a power greater than yourselves, you’ve stepped into the place that you were always meant to be, meant to stand in, to serve in, EQUIPPED for war! Equipped to be the fiercest men/women to ever serve the one who rides on the backs of cherubs! The one with the face of the lion, the bear, the eagle and the man, the one who welds Ezekiel’s wheel (or his own RIGHT ARM) across the nations. The ONE who is the name above all names!
Sitting here before you today I need each of you to know one thing:
Every hardship or difficulty in your lives has prepared you for this moment. Every tear that’s ever streamed down your cheek will not be in vain. For even as the enemy of our souls is mounting up behind me, against all of us, I need you each to know that we are promised one thing from our Lord.
I’ve read the end of the book to KNOW with certainty ONE THING:
I realize some of you might feel ill-equipped. Or that God should have chosen someone else to run this race, or that maybe you were not God’ best choice for your position.
But in this moment- the greatest moment in Christianity if you don’t hear anything HEAR ME!

So as the arrows or the enemies weapons of war start to fly at you God wants each of you to know that HE has equipped you to be the “best of the best”, the most lethal warriors in the history of Christianity and THIS IS WHY you have been lifted up:
FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS within your own lineage. He saved the best for last, the best battle made for the best warrior and there was no one fiercer than you placed into the earth to fight it.
Always remember that its NOT YOU fighting but JESUS THROUGH YOU doing battle because the BATTLE IS NOT OURS BUT THE LORDS!
The angelic hosts are starting to build up their battalions surrounding this particular breed of warriors now. Their feathers covering them until God is ready for them to be seen. Each warrior heavily equipped, given quick agility with hinds feet for the high places, bladed weapons from the 3rd heaven war rooms locked into their scabbards at their side. Locked and loaded ready for bear, chomping at the bit, anticipating the leaders command.
Spears mounted frontward, angelic shields covering them (LOCKED SHIELDS INPENITRABLE). There are more that are for us than are against us as the angelic forces maneuver into formation in obedience to Christ’s forward motioning. Every line perfectly straight, vertically and horizontally, as if they were standing in the 3rd heavens still. Yet at attention here in the earth because of one warriors confidence and knowledge about her authority through Christ on her life. The entire regalia is one of the fiercest, the most deadly, lethal special forces team ever summoned by the Lord in History. You heard me correctly, as this team are “night stalkers or black op warriors” to be utilized as the right arm of the Lord to combat the most difficult places in the earth.
As the Lord Jesus Christ looks out over the faces of those He’s summoned looking back at Him are ones/children that He’s known before the foundations of the earth. THIS TIME THIS BATTALION includes family – His Family- the son’s/daughters of God made in His image. THIS TIME that glory image looking back at Him is YOU!
Love to each of you in Christ
Missy Hood

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood to the present ALL RIGHTS RESERVED