Prophetic Word by Missy Hood, January 24, 2014

Gen 48: 1-49; 33

 Many are wondering why they have no answers for these troubled times/bleak.  However, they have refused to follow My ways & have followed their own devices.  Brothers- Jacobs sons- each choose to follow their own paths, refusing My call all along the way when I could have assisted them and changed their course.  Yet THEY knew better- so it is at the end when they run into trouble – because I still have to heal their lands, instead of preparing them  whilst they were young and they were waiting .


Matt 15:29, Matt 16:12


Miracles- the time has come for miracles yet many will not see them because they weren’t paying attention so that they could get on the right path to get fed.  They feel prey to the enemies lies, ways and went their own way.


Ps 20:1-9


As I guide you in your paths, & KEEP you may you always know My peace- as I have shod your feet with SUPERNATURAL PEACE for the days ahead. You will ALWAYS know peace- all your days even when all hell is breaking loose around you.


Prov 4:20-27


I love you SO much!  Listen carefully to what I tell you WHEN  I tell you & give you direction.  Time is of the essence now as I move you into position for Supernatural blessing.  I am aligning those who have “Stayed the Course” and now the time is RIPE for the picking, to show you MY Pleasures within your lives as you have many many things coming RIPE into fruition from My heart to yours.  Ask & you shall receive & KNOW your Father’s heart towards you child is good, full of grace, abundant  in freedom as heaven has only one ruler.  AND that King bestows His bounty onto His people in the course of due season and that season is NOW!!! And nothing (NOTHING) shall be able to steal 1 jot/tiddle of your blessings away in this season EVER!!!!!!!

 So Saith the Lord!

 Love Missy Hood


copyright © 2014 Missy Hood