With Hinds Feet in High Places- Moving Forward at Breakneck Speeds/Prophetic Word

Good morning!
Alot of the body currently are “mountain climbing!” We’re very weary alright but we’re keeping pace and learning to pace ourselves with where we’re at spiritually so that the climb doesn’t “wind” us. We’ve been warring and fighting to the point that many are wondering if we are EVER going to get out of this mess with being hit over and over again by the enemy. Some are in “rest” mode while others are in “war” mode while the roller coaster ride never seems to end. So is this ever going to end?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news….but no, not unless you go home to be with the Lord Jesus first. While many folks sigh with discouragement. Don’t BE DISCOURAGED! Why on earth would You (yes YOU reading this right here right now) why would you be discouraged when the biggest force on earth (GOD/JESUS) has picked YOU to live in such a time as this? Ding ding ding ding ding! THAT means He saw and thought enough of you to allow you to be born in these times because He KNEW you had what it took to follow Him! Ok, so I’m going to encourage each of you further. Do you like roller coasters? I know, some of you might answer “oh my gosh YES, while others who are more laid back would say not only “NO – but Hell to the No!” And don’t ever try to get me on one!” My response would be to those who are more laid back would be “okey dokey” but in the art of “Mountain climbing” – how are you ever going to “get there” if you don’t develop some sense of adventure?

Roller coasters or spiritual warfare is like riding a roller coaster, moving with every bend, or every shocking jolt, down steep down hills, and then learning to gear yourself up for the big climb while your vessel is going up yet another hill- OR climbing another mountain.

The ride is great as long as things are smooth sailing unless of course your entire vessel (roller coaster car) loses momentum or gets stuck. In those times most of us have to seek out deep inner healing or deliverance ministry to help us get on our way again. THIS is strategic in assisting your coaster car to keep going down the tracks. So- Staying “on track” OR keeping your car on the God’s tracks is the key to this particular ride of life.

SO- the key in being able to continue on in your “adventure” with the Lord is learning to trust Him with the hills, with the juts, and the steep turns or tunnels that you can’t see coming around the corner. Its in these places that our trust is deepened in the Lord with our very lives/ our livelihood, our finances, families, marriages, or health. The art of “losing control” – which is in essence what riding a roller coaster teaches a person, really symbolizes what its like to walk with Christ.

Most would think being a christian is “bla bla”- boring or mundane. I’m here to reassure you that that stigma is MOST DEFINITELY NOT THE TRUTH. Walking with Christ has been the most exciting thing/choice I’ve ever made. Its been the most joy filled thing I’ve ever chosen because of not knowing where the road was taking me. BUT- the one thing I did know and still do know is that the road ALWAYS takes me somewhere really cool and very fun! And VERY good for my life! Oh, its hard getting there, where ever “there” is but I have had to learn to pace myself, and even though I can’t see around the corners I know Christ can. He’s the Alpha and the Omega- the first and the last- so His omniscience/presence around me is what really is my protection. All I have to do is allow Him to be the tracks that my coaster car is riding on. AND learn to follow Him where ever He takes me. I may not understand my circumstances, or the pain that the sharp turns might cause my heart, but I know He’s working it ALL for MY GOOD and FOR HIS KINGDOM.

So how about you? You sure you don’t like roller coasters? There’s a new one this year at Six Flags over Texas San Antonio? Its called the “Iron Rattler!” OMG- get me on that thing! Blood pressure meds and All! I love a white knuckle ride- but then again- I’ve always been one to live for ADVENTURE! Jesus! I want you to know that Your invited to come with me! Deep in my heart though I knew You wouldn’t miss this ride for the world because You’ve always been with me anyway! Thanks for the Great Ride so far Lord and please brace and prepare my heart for this next curve.

Wanna Pray before you get on your Roller Coaster Car?

You know Father, I never dreamed (when I was a little girl) that my life would turn out SO exciting! So full of adventure, sometimes pain, but so much joy! And Lord, even though I don’t understand why you allowed the hard juts/turns to come, or allowed me to go upsidedown through tunnels that I could’n’t see, or around mountains that I thought I would never end, but I wanted to thank you for putting Your trust deep into my heart for You as a Father. You Said “Be confident in this that He who began a good work in you is able to complete until the day of Christ Jesus!”
Lord, Deepen that Trust in the days ahead and help me to learn to move and stay on the Holy Ghosts Roller Coaster Tracks of my life. You said Your my very present help in time of need. Help me to understand Your ways better, to “go” when you say go, or “Stop” when you say no. Help me to know Your ways Lord. I love you Lord.

Love you guys- see you next week!

copyright © 2013 Missy Hood