Alarmingly Overwhelmed

I am finding that many folks around me today are starting to “Feel” overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with work, with home, relationships, finances, health issues….you name it.

But mind you your “Feelings” have NOTHING to do with your faith. Absolutely Nothing. We get overwhelmed with the truth from those around us through conversation, overwhelmed with feelings of unworthiness or rejection when in reality the Holy Spirit is probably using these pressure points to push you somewhere!

A rock is never turned into a diamond without pressure and pressure is the one thing you can never get away from in this life. Life is full of pressure and stress and Christ will always use everything around us for our Good, For HIS Kingdom purposes.

What do you do those during those times when you feel like you literally are on overload in your heart with issues going on around you? Crying is healthy but you can’t allow your life to be a bowl of tears. Especially in this day/time. Jesus promises to catch all of our tears in a cup but some days some of us feel like we’ve given Him 10 cups worth.

SO what do you do? My honest approach (without sounding cold) is to get up into praise and high praise music. God inhabits the praises of His people and praise pulls you UP in the spirit. Up above all the noise, above all the chaos, frustration and stress. So Praise is key. It really is a key to keeping you and sustaining you above it all. The bible said that in the end times the world would be entering into utter darkness and many would pass away early from broken hearts. Literally, hearts that wouldn’t allow God to fix them- or heal them or prepare them for the times for which they now live in. Stress can take its toll on a heart and if we are not mindful and paying attention, the enemy of your soul will use the negative as a double negative. Meaning: the devil will use all the pressure around you to steal the most precious thing you have. Your life. Sometimes, though, the pain of living life can become so burdensome that many forget who to run to with the burdens so that He can carry those burdens for them. When we become too busy/focused on carrying our own burdens we burn out or burn up. Burning up usually means the ending of a life.

I don’t know about you but God put me into the earth for such a time as this. I don’t care how hard it gets, or what the damn devil tries to throw at me I WILL NOT BURN UP. God promised me long life and good health if I honored my mother and father and I’ve tried to do that to the best of my abilities. SO- I’m taking Christ at His word, because HE IS THE WORD AND HE IS A GOD THAT CANNOT LIE. His word is alive/active- its sharper than any two edged sword and it goes out and accomplishes that which it seeks to accomplish. So you see, when you TURN TO THE WORD with your burden, the burden has no choice but to be lifted by Christ’s hand so that you can continue on your journey to finish the task at hand.

God’s word says: I Pet 5:6-7

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Why on earth would a loving God put you into the fire without monitoring the heat? He knows what temp the heat needs to get to so that the refining process can take place. So that your diamond can shine in the darkest of places.

Needing prayer today because of the heat?
Let me pray with you.
Father God, whewwwwwww- this circumstance is a little more than I thought I’d be getting. I thought we were walking in freedom? Or in the blessed place? Father I am going to try taking You at your word today. I am going to claim I Pet 5: 6-7 and give you my feelings of being overwhelmed. I am also going to cast all my anxieties onto your shoulders because You told me I could. Lord you said if 2 or more agreed we could ask you for ANYTHING and You would do it! So today Lord- I coming to you as a child, with childlike faith, and giving all this mess to you that’s on my heart. WORK IT OUT Lord, Work it out!
I love you so much Father!
Because You first loved me.

Love you guys

copyright © 2013 Missy Hood