“You Been Found Wanting” Said the Lord

Yikes! Is the first thought that comes to mind when I read this statement. I actually had to Google this statement to actually see what the Lord meant when He brought it up in my spirit. It actually means:

You have failed to come up to our expectations.
We expected more from you.
Your output is not satisfactory.

Those clarifications make me cringe inside (or want to hide under a rock some days as though God couldn’t find me there) but it does! What would you do if the Lord came to you in a visitation and said THOSE WORDS!!!???????? I don’t know about you but it would put the fear of God in me. I believe there are times in our lives when God puts opportunities around us to deliberately see what we are going to CHOOSE to do (remember- we’re not clones, we have free will) to see if our fruit will match our mouths, our lip service to christianity. Oh its easy to proclaim “Oh yeah, I believe in Jesus, or Oh yeah, sure- I’m a believer when our real virtue is made manifest through our real heart’s choices/actions.

What do we do when we’re challenged with an Atheist or someone who might not really believe like we do? Do we lash out and stomp around saying “well, bless God your going to hell because you don’t believe in my Jesus!” Or are you one of those “chicken littles” that scares the hell out of those non-believers always telling them that the time for departure has come (the rapture- remember- its coming any minute!) OR- are you the one that touts their beliefs quietly but snubbing those around you who don’t seem to meet up to YOUR religious expectations? That quiet pride that religious people seem to hold so dear- they sin when noones watching (and then have the audacity to wonder why the world hates christians SO much) because are constantly getting caught in their OWN SIN when they thought nobody was looking!!!!!???????

But what about those who the world deems as “Boring, the ones who always seem like they have no input when the conversations flare up, where are they when the heat is on? Are you that quiet strength of Christ in the room in those moments, the one that lets all the Type A voices spout out proudly all that they know about religion/christianity/pharaseeism until all of a sudden all eyes are directed towards you? They are NOW questioning you and why your so quiet and non-engaging/level headed? Are you the one that can hold their tongue and let all the lions roar around you with their religious garb until they need REAL WISDOM for the task at hand? Because the Bible says that true wisdom firstly – comes from above, AND its slow to speak and VERY SLOW TO ANGER/or OFFEND. The quietness of God’s virtue within just waiting patiently for His timing to engage the restless hearts needing direction. Your not in any hurry but are waiting on His spirit for direction to let the hearts/minds hone onto the TRUTH of the living God. The one whose character is flawless, your letting Him direct your actions, your character and your thoughts. We are speaking about the spirit of the living God you know? Love? God is Love? Love is NOT touchy, fretful or resentful, it (GOD) keeps no record of wrongs, its (GOD) is not jealous, envious or spiteful.

THIS is WHAT LOVE IS NOT! All of these characteristics are what GOD IS NOT! AND these characterstics are what the DEVIL ARE. These characteristics are what motivates our minds/actions to speak wrongly or act WRONGLY/ OUT OF God’s timing to where the enemy can have a field day with our lives in society so desparately seeking the truth. They want the real deal but if we are operating in the wrong spirit (through our unhealed areas of our minds/hearts) then they won’t see Him. And if we are operating in the wrong spirit the world around us will only continue to hate us more. They are DEMANDING to see the real deal! And they are angry because they don’t know how or WHO took away the real deal (REAL WARM UNCONDITIONAL LOVE) from their lives. They fail to see that their own actions (Wrong thoughts, which perpetuated their actions) drove God away. He can’t dwell where sin is remember- He’s pure/holy?

Are you being found “Wanting” today? Are your behaviors less than God’s best? Are you a grudge holder? Vindictive, spiteful angry over the past? Struggling with allowing God to fight your battles? I know I’ve gone long- but I sense that God really wants to drive HIS point home here- AND this is a hard word. Do you want the courage to allow a Holy God to come into and clean up your mess? (Actually its the devils mess but since you choose to let him come in). Point made? Its all about free will and we CHOOSE how we will conduct our selves, what will come out our mouths etc.

Say this prayer with me:

Father- only You can see me for who I am. Your the only one who sees me when nobody’s looking and when I think I’m home free to behave any way towards others when I don’t think anybody’s paying attention. But Lord, my actions pain me because I’ve tried to change me time and time again but to no avail. Lord- I know your the healer, the deliverer of my soul/heart/mind and TODAY I give you FULL PERMISSION to come in and to DELIVER ME- HEAL MY HEART of the deep pains of the past and to being me TOTALLY ACROSS INTO FULL RESTORATION. Into who You always meant for me to be!
Than you Father and I love you!

Love ya!
Missy Hood

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood