The Test of Valiantness- A VERY HOLY and Uncommon Trait?

The Definition of Valiant is:

Definition of VALIANT
1: possessing or acting with bravery or boldness : courageous
2: marked by, exhibiting, or carried out with courage or determination : heroic
— val·iant·ly adverb
— val·iant·ness noun

What does this mean to us as we move through the uncertainties of life? It usually means you already have possession of this characteristic but you just have to reach down deep within and bring it out. Valiant or the act of being valiant comes when your in a situation and you act without even thinking. You act out of self sacrifice out of an Agape love for others around you. THAT is what valiant looks like.

Each one of us will possess the act of heroism thats right- we’re each hidden heros just waiting to burst forth onto a scene where others might not be able to stand up, fight, and break through. This is what Jesus did when He said “What we do for the least of these we’ve done unto Him.” (For good or for bad). Its seed sowing because inevitably we will ALL reap what we’ve sown. This is also why its important not to try to fight our own battles and get others back when they hurt us. BECAUSE OF THAT 1 SPIRITUAL LAW (sowing and reaping).

Jesus was valiant He displayed this part of His character when He burst into the the church and started toppling over tables of all the merchants who had turned the most holy place into a den of thieves and robbers. He was furious with them as He walked by turning their table wares over while whipping a cat of 9 tails all around. Jesus was just that angry with them because they had taken a holy place and treated it as though it were common.

How many of us treat Holy places, holy people (your pasters), holy things (the bible) as though they are common? Or we’ve become so full of ourselves that we forget about our own weaknesses and how Christ brought us up out of them. We push the weak ones around like they are nothing with no regard for their feelings or compassion of what their life must be like. We become so familiar with God or those around us that we forget about God’s Might, His power and MOREOVER His JUSTICE. You see- I just saw an email message JUST THIS MORNING where God reminded that He WILL NOT be mocked. He will NOT be treated as though He is common because HE IS VERY HOLY NOR will He tolerate our abuse of the “perceived” weaker things(this can even be your pets) /vessels/ of this world. Its a two edged sword type of testing the test of Agape blended with the testing of Valiantness.

Ever heard of the analogy that “there are just certain things that you don’t do to certain people?” The same is true for Christ and for the things/people who represent Him or those within His kingdom. He really is a valiant God and He can be God all by Himself- AND He is! No one on the planet or in the spirit is a match to Him. He supersedes them all. ITS CALLED A HOLY REVERENCE. When you revere someone bigger than yourself. And He WILL NOT tolerate Abuse of ANY Kind towards those He loves, A Holy One who loves each of us because we are made in his image.

When I was in 8th grade there used to be this girl named Kim and Kim had a speech impediment. And she could REALLY get on your last nerve because it seemed to take her FOREVER to talk to you when she spoke. But for some reason I could never be rude or mean and walk away all the while inside I was like “Oh God PLALEASE help her to finish I’ve gotta get to class and the bells about to ring.” She would join our table at lunch time and when she approached everyone would seemingly clear the deck at her arrival except for me and my other friend Amber. One day, on my way to class I approached Kim while 3 bullies were constantly knocking her books out of her hands while she cried trying to pick them up over and over again. Every time she would pick the books up- they would again knock them out of her hands. This act enraged me to the point to where I blatant went and stood in between the bullies and Kim (as though I had lost my own mind) but then found myself saying “You come at her again- you come thru me first- go ahead- I dare you and we’ll all go down to the principles office.” They called me “retard lover”, and every other expletive in the book but that day but I found out what Valiantness was. I didn’t care if I got hurt and I didn’t care if they got hurt because of the righteous indignation welled up within my heart. That agape love followed me for the remainder of that year as I found that I had also acquired a grateful friend. I still cringed when Kim would make me late to class trying to stutter her way through our conversations but I also learned what love was all about.

Valiantness WILL ALWAYS cost you something make no mistake about it- with love comes sacrifice. Many of you have had this from birth- but for others- it will have to be instilled through trials/testings of fire. Many of you have already been used to stand up for the weak or those less able while others are having to go through the refiners fire to get this foundation piece in their hearts. The one foundational truth about Agape love is that its never about us- true love – or when we’re truly operating in the spirit of the living God- will ALWAYS be ‘Others oriented.” This lack of love is what is missing from so many in our society today and yet they struggle and are frustrated with the lack of fulfillment in their lives which comes from giving LOVE- HELLO! The bible says that its MUCH better to give than to receive. When we become self serving, selfish people we lose the ability to find fulfillment in life because the act of loving is NEVER about “whats in it for me- its always about “what can I do to put joy in your heart or make YOU feel deeply loved!” Thats what Christ is ALWAYS trying to do for each of us in our pursuit of Him through prayer.

Remember 9/11 when all the fire fighters/ police officers and emergency crews ran into those buildings fixing to disintegrate? These too were acts of valiantness and there probably were even more acts that any of us even saw. Are you needing this trait of Agape love today? Are you struggling wtih fear and wondering how to stand up against it? Because God hasn’t given ANY of His children a spirit of fear BUT LOVE, POWER and of a sound MIND! ITS CALLED AGAPE and ITS VALIANT!

Pray this with me:

Lord- I’m afraid of the future and I don’t know what it holds in store for me/mine. I’m tired of listening to the news because of the lack of encouragement and because of what I fear might happen to this nation or those that I love within it. BUT GOD- YOU SAID THAT YOU WOULD KEEP THAT WHICH I’VE ENTRUSTED TO YOU UNTIL THAT DAY! AND YOU SAID your saints would have long life, good health all their days. So Lord- I Loosen that longevity/prosperity and safety AND JOY over me/mine with Rom 10:10 because YOUR WORD also says that if I say it with my mouth and believe it in my heart I’ll HAVE WHATEVER I SAY!

Love ya

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood