Strategically Setting Life Goals

Life goals are SO important to the well-being of an individual. Goals give us hope and something to dream about or shoot for when life events seem to creep in around us.
Strategically setting life goals incorporates more than just including education. I believe that when a life goal is being considered I also need to go to the one who knows the end from the beginning of my life (the Alpha and the Omega) and ask Him if the goal firstly, is from Him and then how He would like me to go about pursuing that goal. I believe that God puts desires/goals in our hearts to pursue as a part of our destinies that fall within His plan for each of our lives. Direction, though, is the key to taking the first steps towards those dreams/goals and only Christ knows which steps will get us there.
My life has been considered by many around me a complicated one with all the juts/turns in my path but all along I knew God was in it with me. I had a dream at 6 years old of becoming a famous actress or of making elaborate costuming for movie sets and so I set forth in my journey to learn all that I could learn about sewing over the next 35 years of my life. That passion thrusted my life into many different avenues of learning starting with community college then into higher academics through Texas State starting back in 1990.
I also found myself struggling with a learning disability while pursing my dreams and having to go to God every night for prayer to just function throughout my days. I KNEW God had given me a dream of becoming a designer but I also wanted to know if I was smart enough to ever advance like other students in the field of learning. I didn’t understand what I was coping with but I just kept plugging away at my education and I kept right on moving forward as the years would allow. Health issues became apparent within the pursuit of my dreams because of the hyperactivity component part of the ADHD. I had hit a bump in the road (but a small one) and again I went to Christ with the issue. I told Him about how He had promised me that I would live LONG and live STRONG and that I was fully holding Him responsible for helping me to complete my race in the earth. So off I was again running towards the dreams that He was pushing me towards. I would lose 40 jobs in 15 of those years trying to learn to cope with the condition of ADHD and learning new coping skills while trying to attain a degree. I would graduate in 1996 completing the first phase of my degree with a BLS (Bachelor of Liberal Studies) from St. Edwards University. 6 years later God would help me to burst forth on the scene of a movie named “A Promise Kept” in His attempt to let me know that God had in deed KEPT HIS PROMISE to my heart. This film would lead me to work in the movie industry for another 6 years until I found another goal dropped down into my heart from the Lord. That goal would propel me into pursuing my biggest dream yet- of attain my Masters level education at Texas state which at the time seemed unattainable to me because of ADHD. This so called condition of ADHD would teach me more about me than any lesson in life ever could. I would learn that I learned differently but I would also learn that I wasn’t stupid or too inadequate to pursue higher level education. I would learn through the Lord that He had allowed this little glitch to use my vessel to minister to others like myself with learning disabilities and hence would find my TRUE passion.
I have always had goals in my life- some from me and many many others from the Lord Himself. And when I prayed I would learn which ones were of God and which ones were not.
I found that God would orchestrate each of my steps (Prov 3:5- Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and HE will direct your paths). This scripture has proved itself true over and over in my life experiences/goals setting over the years. I have truly seen God give me goals, and set my paths and help me to chart a course towards the higher dreams that He has taken me towards. I have seen the power of a holy God move in and throughout the hindrances that seemed to try to stop/thwart those dreams He had instilled.
I’ve seen God give me grace to overcome the illnesses, economy, job changes and fears that would crop up as I moved through my journey toward career success.
I can honestly tell you as well that if I were to die today that I would die a very happy woman. I would do so because I know in my heart of hearts that my life thus far has been one of tremendous adversity, but tremendous joy, tremendous adventure and sometimes tremendous frustration. Trust was the key to moving towards my dreams. Trust in someone bigger than myself to know in my heart of hearts that the dreams He instilled weren’t coming to stay they were coming to pass! I have watched Him move on my behalf since I was a little girl in Lampasas Texas when I told Jesus “ok, you can be my friend” as the Sunday school teacher would lead me in the prayer of salvation. I have had the privilege of experiencing the love of a Father (not just in the earth but in heaven) as He showed me just how BIG my mountains where but even just how much BIGGER He was in assisting me in overcoming them.
And for that I will forever be grateful!

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood