Climbing Out of Your Pits

I know that title probably sounds a little derogatory but the real meaning behind it is to pull folks out of the doldrums. Out of our ruts, out of our thinking, depression, frustration, etc. We hit a certain place in life, or we’ve been traveling on a certain path for a while now and things “don’t appear” to be changing any time soon. You sure about that? Totally sure? I say that because we are each slowly evolving and the “McDonalds Drive Thru Mentality” wont work in God’s kingdom. Our lives are not like the little box on the check out page that state: Just check here for “Instant Rebate” or instant savings (time wise). So bottom line: is that CHANGE TAKES TIME AND it occurs slowly so as not to overwhelm us. Think about it- if God were to heal us, make all the changes that we each “think” we can handle all in 1 day- it’d kill us. It would be too much. Its why He takes it off (the hurts) or puts it on (the blessings) in layers. A little at a time. Because I don’t know about you but since I’m not 20 anymore I move a little slower, I heal a little slower, and it takes me a while in the mornng to get my brain wrapped around something. So long story short, we all need to learn to ENJOY THE JOURNEY- RELAX and learn to appreciate the process. Its not going to take forever, and certainly don’t allow yourself to move into a state of running on “auto pilot” to where you just fly through the seasons of your life. Flying through those seasons (without enjoying them) will eventually bring you to a point to where your just existing. An we’re not here to just exist- we’re here to ENJOY every second! To the fullest, shaken together, till it overflows. I understand that some of us have those days to which we’d rather by-pass some of life’s situations but unfortunately then we’d miss the opportunity to experience the circumstance- to be changed through that circumstance. To grow, whether it would be slowly or quickly, or moderately etc. Are you struggling with with the Doldrums of change not happening fast enough for you today? Feeling like your just existing? Or like its just ONE MORE DAY OF PAIN AND BOREDOM? Well, one consolation to you should be that at least you woke up on this side of the grass. THATS DEFINITELY 1 HUGE consolation. Here- lets work out the Doldrums together with this prayer (as if I were sitting there right with you praying, arm around you, slapping you into shape saying “OH come on so and so- YOU CAN DO THIS!” Just pretend minus the slap!) But pray this: Lord- I’m bored- I’m tired of everyday seeming like the other and I’m ready for adventure! For change, A GOOD CHANGE, and I’m ready to do whatever it is that YOU told me to so that this change can occur! LORD- don’t cover your ears pretending like you can hear me. Because my heart knows when Your moving. Remember Lord- these eyes that you gave me- ARE WATCHING YOU! Seriously Lord- please help me to move INTO CHANGE with/without my permission. Thanks for putting up with me Lord- and thank you for allowing me to wake up on THIS SIDE OF THE LAWN because I know on the other side waking up would not be an option. Love you Lord! Amen! Love you guys! Missy Hood

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood