Life is Frustrating: “What to Do When Its Just NOT Happening For Ya”

Have ya ever had those days? Those days when you’ve seemingly tried everything you can try, you’ve prayed, you’ve stood, you’ve been optimistic and YET its STILL NOT HAPPENING for ya.
You’ve spent years trying to get to the next level of success and yet you find yourself going around this mountain ALL OVER AGAIN- OR SO IT APPEARS.
You see, because if you believe in Christ- you’ve got to know that He NEVER lies, He never just blows things off that happen to us and He’s VERY frugal. Meaning: He’s going to use EVERYTHING in our lives to teach us, or mold us, to force us UPWARD into His Spirit- to be more like HIM.
I was sitting here looking out my window today at cars pass by and I saw this beautiful Range Rover drive by. Now mind you, I know cars aren’t everything, but haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to walk in their shoes? To seemingly “have it all?” Or so we think. Or when we look at those successful people around us (so we think) until God opens our eyes to see their weaknesses or shortcomings. Then reality comes crashing down around us in that moment “oh yeah, they’re human too.” But we’re so quick to forget what God shows us only to find ourselves a week later grumbling again wondering WHY God doesn’t seem to be promoting us, blessing us, etc. etc.

SO- AROUND AND AROUND we go- for another lap around the mountain so God can continue to work out our own frustration, complaining spirits so that we can learn the true lesson of contentment.

I heard a preacher say just today (and it REALLY grabbed my attention because it was EXACTLY what I felt- I was like DAMN!- I know- contradiction with my relationship with Christ- but He still loves us and so should you!) But this preacher talked about what could happened to the man who might have been blessed with the Lamborghini, the Mansion, the new boat, and on and on the list goes. God knew this man/womans heart in that the “Gift” would have drawn him away from His first love. You see- God knows what we can handle with our desires,dreams, & goals. AND THAT DOESN’T MEAN He’s not going to do it- it just means that He knows what we can handle at certain levels of our walks. If we’re not mature enough to handle wealth- (because MONEY IS NOT the Root of ALL EVIL- THE LOVE OF MONEY IS)If you Love Christ and you know HE’s your provider than you know He’s gonna give you your hearts desires. However, He will have to prepare your heart to enter into that season of blessing FIRST. SO that you don’t lose your sights/priorities/within your relationship with Christ.

He demands to be NUMBER 1- and He will NOT share His throne with anyone. Not even our dreams. Thats called an Idol when we allow that to happen and the first commandment clearly states that Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods But Me.

So you see- priorities are huge in the kingdom of God. The goals- they will eventually come/happen, the dreams- some of them depend upon your obedience to do what Christ tells you to to get into new seasons of growth. (Are you willing to deal with heart issues that may be holding you back when He tells you? OR Do you just assume it’ll all work out? Because your not waiting on God- He’s waiting on you!)

Are you frustrated and impatient today? Wondering if God is listening to your prayers? Are you struggling and discouraged? Don’t be discouraged BECAUSE The word says that when we seek ye first the kingdom of God will give you the desires of you heart!

Pray this prayer with me:
Lord, I was wondering today- and I know that YOu know where I am- BUT I DO NOT. I only see the here/now. Lord, I don’t want to be on the twenty year program to get my dreams/goals fulfilled. Lord, I give you FULL permission to change my heart, my mind, and even my dreams/desires if they dont align up with your perfect will. Help me to be more like you because Your good, and I know that you draw all good things to yourself- including my dreams. So the more of you I have in my heart- the good things you will draw to me. PLEASE Father- I repent- for all the idols that have been sitting on Your throne- take your rightful place, and get my life IN ORDER!

Love ya!
In Christ, Missy

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood