Don’t Get Caught Up In The “Hate” Of It All

Do you know that “hate” is as bad as murder? So it adultry- or drinking, or glutony, etc. To hate your brother/sister OR OTHERS around you is considered (in Christ’s eyes) as murdering them in your heart. AND HATE will stop your healing. So will murmering/complaining. Both of these things will stop up your “blessing flow” as will unforgiveness.

I know that the month of July has been turbulent for MANY as those of the remant are coming through the eye of the needle. The needle thats sews/sinches us up into a brand new place of blessing. And this “Eye” that I’m talking about – its VERY VERY VERY hard to make it through it because it will require you to deal with some old heart issues. Old HURT issues, old bitterness issues OR old UNFORGIVENESS issues. And as you start to move through the narrow place you’ll feel like your being squeezed on all sides with spiritual activity coming at you through the hurts on others all around you. Because thats really what spiritual turbulence is its when you have to confront the devil on others in their own unhealed areas. And unfortunately- we can’t get them “there” or to the place of healing- we can point the way and say “Here! Heres the way that leads to life/wholeness but now YOU have to drink.” You can’t make anyone “get it.” They have to choose for themselves to seek Christ and his truth. All you can do is live it out in front of them- live out the peace, the joy, allowing them to watch you as you bask in the middle of the eye of the storm as others watch how you respond. AND- NOT react to it. And it grieves me deeply to watch those that I care about wallow and flounder in their messes when they could simply just “say uncle” to Christ and allow Him to start them on the pathway of healing. But again, I can’t get them “there.” Only Christ can open their eyes to the real need in thier hearts. Which is Him. And allowing Him to come on in and make himself a new home.
So when the enemy of your soul is stirring up Major animosity in the natural, and you feel as if your going to crater- what do you do?
How do you handle that person who is acting like hell- or the Supposed christian who is spewing venom in their own hurt at YOU? Your their target- or unbeknownst to them the enemy is using their vessel to try to hammer you, to squelch your faith, or your joy Or your ability to show love to them?

What do you do? Honestly- it depends on the situation. There are some times where I literally would LOVE to hurl somebody out the front door on their tin can….(bleep), but then that really wouldn’t be a good display of love now would it? It would make me look just like them- with no self disapline or composure OR LOVE. But then there are times when I sense (by the spirit) how deeply hurting the person is spewing their rage at me with their words or they are trying to micro manage me out of their own fears. Thats what controllers/manipulators/abusers do- they micromanage their peeps/environments never considering that if they would just deal with their own fears their entire world (and relationships) would change for the better. ALL THE WAY AROUND- and then everybody would be happy. But this is easier for some peole to grasp this revlation as opposed to others. So people, God will literally have to fall upon them. Ever heard of the biblical principal that “its better to fall on the rock instead of having the rock fall on you?” (Jesus is the Rock) Meaning: If your in unforgiveness you always want to make sure your quick to forgive and slow to anger so that God doesn’t find you judging others/or being your own God. Judge not lest YOU be judged remember? (spiritual law- its cyclical) SO when we play God and try to hold others accountable (without knowing their backgrounds, or the REST OF THE STORY) we set ourselves up to have the Rock fall on us. Usually bringing with it, alot of unnecessarily pressure/hardships that could have been avoided had we just obeyed to begin with just simply put our pride aside and said “please forgive me.” (even if you wern’t wrong) The purpose in this is getting the door shut to the devil so that he can’t come in and completely make a bigger mess by getting you to break this spiritual law. Get it?

So you’ve got a very bad situation happening around you, in your family, at work, etcl and in all truth we need to ask ourselves what would LOVE DO in this complicated situation? (God is Love remember?)

Well, people can’t give what they don’t have- and if their love levels (or the presence of Christ isn’t very high/strong on our vessels/in their hearts) then that act of loving is going to be tough at first. The more you MAKE yourself love the unlovlies- the easier it gets. Instead of lashing out or trying to get somebody back for a wrong- we have to practice love. Practice staying silent in the heat of moment- trying to put ourselves in anothers shoes- to see if maybe they are just hurting, or did someone else deeply wound them today and you are their “safe person” to vent to OR to vent on because they know you will always love them. This isn’t always easy in platonic relating because there are no ties that bind us to those relationships. So when people wound you with their careless actions/words its much easier to tell them off, write them off and not to ever acknowledge their existence ever again.
For business relationships- grudges are harbored, with resentment and hidden rage and your the one stuck facing the culprit every day. In families- this is where fueds get started if the door to unforgiveness isn’t shut immediately. THIS is ALSO why the bible tells us NEVER to let the sun go down on our anger.

When someone hurts me or I hurt them- Man- if I don’t want to give the devil a foot hold or allow bitterness to seep in- I’m quick to go to that person and ask for forgivness or admit my wrongs. I suck up the pride, because I’m selfesh like that in that I am DETERMINED NOT to allow the enemy to steal my blessings or blessing flow. (See – there really is a motivating factor there AND it keeps the peace).

Are you struggling with deep hurt today, or are you stuck in the past over some very REAL WRONGS that have been done to your heart? Well today is the day of your deliverance if your willing.

Say this prayer:

Lord- I don’t even know if I want to give voice to the deep sorrow/deep hurt within my heart over this issue. I’m so angry- and I’ll be honest Lord, I honestly would love to see YOU punch the crud out of the person that hurt me. I say that with my mind, but I know you know that I don’t really want that in my heart- I JUST want for there to be peace and LOVE again, I need YOU to step into these places and clear out/Clear up this entire mess around me. So Lord- even though I don’t “feel” like forgiving- I give you this entire situation, along with my heart/and mindsets about this situation and by an act of my will I submit it to you. SHUT the doors to the enemy with Rev 3:7 with all parties hearts/minds/wills/emotions and SET ME FREE!

Thank you Father. AMEN!
Love you guys!
Missy Hood

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood