Opposing Views; Having a VOICE (ADHD OR NOT)

Sometimes in life God will orchestrate situations that force His people into a position of choosing to have to stand. What do you stand for? Do you stand for a condition (a Disability?) Do you stand for a weaker vessel in their inability to stand for themselves? Because remember what we do for the least of these we’ve done unto Him! Do you stand for anger? A righteous anger or just a bitter root within your own soul that you’ve not been able to overcome? There is a difference you know. When we have a righteous indignation (the anger of Christ within) people know it- and they fear and sense it. Because this type of anger is based in truth and not man or his flesh. Human beings sense the things of the spirit- they sense when something is not of this world but instead something of the heavenlies. Whether that be Righteous or demonic.

Even the devil knew when he made Christ angry and he feared Him then and he still fears Him NOW. The enemy of our soul fears our Lord because the devil knows his time is very very short and that Jesus is coming back to sit on His throne, which will cause the enemy of our soul to be “De-throned” for those who have allowed him to take up residence within your vessels. However, with allowing the enemy to sit on the throne of your heart/mind- you have also allowed him to have your soul. SO unless you make a conscious choice to ask Jesus to forgive you for allowing this to happen- and invite Him into your heart- your soul will go with the devil into hell when he is cast down. Pretty scary and radical if you ask me. Matter of fact, it scares the hell right out of me, to the point that I try not to think about it.

Unfortunately though, I’m not allowed to stay in that place of complacency for too long because every day I am reminded by some hellish thing that someone does to me, or to someone around me, and through their actions I’m quickly reminded of that truth. Or of who is taking up residence in that vessels heart, mind. Are they acting in love, or in hell, you see because you can “think” your “ok” or standing up for truth when in reality you’ve stepped into compromise. You’ve stepped into a lie for what the bible DOES NOT stand for. God’s word is perfectly clear in that it states truth- God is a God that CANNOT LIE. And society has really grown to resent His truth. You want to know why- because acknowledging His truth means that THEY will have re-align themselves with it. And people love sin. Sin is fun until you find yourself at death’s door because the bible clearly states that the way to life is through Christ/His truth but the way to death is on the pathway of sin. The end result will always lead to a natural death. (or an early death of your vessel- it’s a spiritual law and spiritual laws operate cyclically- meaning they will ALWAYS come FULL CIRCLE). Funny how the devil never tells you that though. He’s such a damned liar. And he is DAMNED. Its why he was cast down for trying to usurp God the Father’s authority in heaven. Man.

But who’s truth do you stand on? Let me tell you WHY its SO important that you know the truth in the times that we NOW live in. Its really simple if you think about it because its based on 4 scriptures that WILL change your life. AND since God/Jesus is the word (itself- meaning- when you pick up a bible your picking up Christ HIMSELF in your hot little hands- your Holding Truth in your hands- and that truth WON’T be denied at the end of your life). The bible clearly states that in the beginning WAS THE WORD, THE WORD WAS WITH GOD (JESUS) AND THE WORD (JESUS) WAS GOD! I John 1:1 The bible also states that the word is ALIVE/ACTIVE, sharper than ANY two edged sword and that when spoken/prayed it goes out and accomplishes that which it seeks to accomplish. The bible also states that God watches over His word to perform it. Finally the bible states that God cannot deny Himself so if your praying the word into a situation, over a hurt, to change your finances your LITERALLY releasing Christ into your situation to change it.

But standing in that truth wont’ be easy. Just like standing in Christ in the days that we live in won’t be easy. Just like coming up against the lies of the enemy on others (or the enemy which sits on the throne of their mind/heart) won’t ever be easy. Because the Lord in you will always give you the opportunity to choose. To accept His truth that YOU KNOW is truth (based on the bible) or the lie of the enemy (Compromise).

So who’s truth will you stand on in that day? There really on is ONE TRUTH- Christ said “I am the WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE!”

Are you looking for Life today? FOR the truth to be spread into your circumstances so that you can have a life abundant? A fulfilling life. God is love and when He brings Himself (His Love) into your circumstances those things that trouble you HAVE TO CHANGE. Because greater is He that is in Me/YOU than HE that is in the world!

Pray this:
Lord- I’m worried about the times, but if You are who You say you are, then I invite you into my heart. I ask forgiveness of my sins and I ask you and your holy Spirit to abide in me. TO teach me Your ways, take over my heart/mind and drive the enemy OUT! In Jesus name!
Love you!

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood