How Will the End Come…..

In the bible it talks about ….HOW- the end will come.

The bible says that the end will come after ALL have received/heard the gospel.

Have you ever wondered if that were you? I wondered what it would feel like to have God chase me like I were that last person. The bible says the God chases us to the ends of the earth. He will tug at us/our hearts/conscience (when we’re wrong), He will catch our tears in a cup (when we’re in pain), and He fights us when we’re wronged.

So He truly is a Father of compassion, Passion and Love. I was lucky enough to have had 3 men in my life who were ranchers/cowboys but also very loving/Godly/ BUT very strong in the truth. Those men were 1) My Dad, 2) My Uncle Banard and 3) My Uncle Les. One was Military, the next was a truck driver, and the last was a PRCA professional Bull rider. When I was wrong – they were quick to correct, when I was hurting they were quick to pick me up to hug me, and when I was in danger they were VERY quick to stand in front of me if harm ever tried to come my way. THIS type of behavior is “considered “ OR examples of Jesus “shows up in skin.” Or Manifests His presence through the vessels around us. This is why the bible also says that we are to be obedient even unto death. Because Greater love hath no man than the one who would lay his life down for a friend. This laying down of life is a replication of Jesus dying on the cross for the greater good of many (so that MANY might come to Christ). Remember WWII- when so many men/women graciously laid their lives down for the greater good of the generations. This brought freedom….so they planted seeds out of love for country and FREEDOM.

When your hurting- its considered the sufferings of Christ where we literally go through the same types of suffering to cause our fleshly ways to die (dying to self) and So that we might come alive in HIM (spiritually- IN LOVE). SO- suffering produces endurance/long suffering and DEEP love/not to mention a spiritual gratitude. This compassion shown to us also produces compassion in us as we deal with those that are hard to love. AND man are there a lot of those types today….

When you afraid/worried- it produces trust in a holy God knowing that He is fully capable to take care of you/yours. (in finances/health/your family- whatever your worried about) But Christ will sit beside you (even when your unawares) and comfort you/reassure you to let you know WHO is God and WHO is not. And I know that A LOT of my circumstances are so big that unless God were to have intervened I would have cratered.

When your wrong- He’ll send along someone who is usually truth oriented to speak the truth to your heart (in love) to bring the necessary course corrections/awareness, but then again- YOU are the one that has to choose to obey. God is a gentleman- He can put the truth in front of us- BUT we are the ones who will have to choose to walk in it. AND our ways are NOT His ways. Because God never changes- He doesn’t lie, and He doesn’t change. When we come to a place/crossroads in our lives OR the place of change- this is usually when we are having to align or RE-Align ourselves with Christ to get into that higher level of blessing that better place of fulfillment/Joy.

AND- when your dealing with danger – I have literally experienced Jesus standing up between me and the person trying to wrong me. That action brought about such quick justice that the person trying to wrong me was stunned by the instant backlash. BUT- then again, so was I because I’ve never seen anything like that in my life happen before with my walk. Jesus wanted me to see how deeply He loved me as his child. AND he wants You to know/ see that as well.

Are you feeling like your doing this alone today? Questioning Jesus and his Presence OR His loyalties to you/ or to your needs/to your problems, wondering if He really cares?

Then pray this prayer with me- because HE REALLY DOES LOVE YOU!
Father- I’m struggling- I’m discouraged and I hate my circumstances. I know you know what your doing BUT I DONOT. Lord help my heart to understand Your ways, Align my heart so that I can understand You better and so that I can love, and be loved the way my heart longs to.

Love you Lord.
Love you guys

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood