Prophetic Revelation from The Lord

Many people in today’s society are looking for answers as to the spiritual climate. Why people are acting the way they are acting and why there seems to be so little love in the world.
The spiritual side to this would be: God is love, if you don’t know love, then you don’t know God/Christ. The bible clearly states that many will come to the Lord at the end of their lives (and this means MANY in Church pews) who will say “Lord Lord”- but He will in turn have to say (if they don’t know/act in love) “Depart from Me- I knew you NOT.”
You see- the darker the world gets- the more light there will be on those who love. Meaning: You will know that they KNOW CHRIST because of the uncommon love you seem them relate with others with. Your heart will become like a sponge trying to soak up what they have but even they can’t give this love to you until YOU decide that your going to turn your life/heart over to a power bigger than yourself who can change you. A power named Jesus- because Jesus said that the Heart of the King/Queen is in the hand of the Lord and ONLY HE turns that heart WHEREEVER HE WISHES. So – when you submit to a holy God- He then starts to change your heart. And this change that occurs is very uncommon to the natural mind/heart as we can’t seem to find enough AA programs to submit our ways to- hoping that these new found ideologies might have the answers to help make us into better people that we long to be.
The problems with these programs are that they don’t have the supernatural power to transform a heart, your heart- your ways, your natural inclinations/addictions and this is also why so many people have such a hard time staying with these programs when they are seeking change. The same could be true of those with ADD/ADHD. Just like with me- when I knew something was going wrong with the way that I learned- I turned to Christ because I KNEW HE had all of the answers for my hurting heart. I KNEW HE AND ONLY HE could fix it. My friends and their way out advice couldn’t fix it- my preacher couldn’t fix it with his far off sermons, my mother/father/brother you name it- they didn’t have the answers. But Jesus did. AND He still does for a heart who can’t seem to change itself. HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CHANGE YOU to be more like Him IF YOU WANT TO TRULY KNOW HIM.

The problem with this concept is that God’s ways aren’t our ways so we come to Him with our preconceived notions of how “We” think He’s going to direct us in our behaviors. The dilemma created here is that the first time we come to a “hard place” in our relating with Him and He tells us to “forgive” instead of punching the person who hurt us will totally throw some back into the abiss of their past bad behaviors. Because they can’t seem to find the rational in allowing someone to seemingly get away with hurting them. You see, no one in this life will EVER get away with anything because of Spiritual Laws. One spiritual law says that EVERY MAN/WOMAN WILL REAP WHAT THEY’VE SOWN. You sow evil- you will surely reap the exact same thing you’ve sown- so you should never be surprised when you find yourself in the same quagmire that you’ve done to someone else if not worse off than they. We should ALL be educated on the biblical spiritual laws so that we would know how to walk like God/Jesus walks in the earth. OH- He is/Was/AND will ALWAYS BE a wonderful/MAGNIFICENT/GOOD God- and it will always be US that will always find ourselves in the position of having to realign our ways/minds/thinking/hearts with His own- because God NEVER CHANGES. When we find ourselves in the bad places in life or in hurt filled places- with the obstacles that usually means that He is trying to nudge us back over closer to Himself for our own safety. Thats also because He loves us SO much!

Are you in that hard place today? In need of a Holy God to change you? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE CHANGED SO THAT YOU CAN LOVE DEEPLY AND BE LOVED LIKE YOU ONCE DID?

Then pray this prayer with me:
Father- I am desperate to know Love, I’m desperate to know you again, to know Your ways, Your heart, your mind. Father Forgive me of my sin, and Jesus please show me how to love like you love, I need you, and your Holy Spirit to come into my heart to show me how to live like You did when you walked this earth. Father- protect me/my family and ALL that I love in the days ahead and SHOW ME HOW VERY REAL YOU ARE. I love you Lord.

Love to you,

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood