Not Fitting Into the Norm of Society

For ADHD people we are individuals with invisible disabilities. We might look like we struggle but sit down and talk to us and you will soon see that we just articulate information differently, we learn differently and we sometimes struggle relating on the whole. I’ve struggled for years in my ability to be understood by others around me and even now, I’m attending a Disabilities Conference in Colorado and I don’t even feel like I fit in here. You would think that I would at least find freedom at a conference where people, are like myself, but either I find them to be completely overwhelming or irritating. Not all of them but alot because I am used to dealing with people that usually like myself (ADHD or in the mainstream of society). My first night here I witnesses some of the most debilitating examples of the population that struggle with disability because I don’t think I was really ready for what I was about to see. What I saw were people in wheelchairs, those that could barely walk, those missing most of their limbs, or those that struggled with their speech and then there was me, the one that “Looked” like I fit into the mainstream of society, but a person with a learning glitch (ADHD). I quickly regrouped so that I could recompose myself to be able to deal with the situation at hand.

I found myself sitting down next to a man in a wheel chair and I learned his name. His name was Russel from New Zealand. Russell humbled me in the most acute way as he started to articulate what he did (he is a consultant for disabilities) and is HIGHLY intelligent! I was absolutely astounded and the reality that disabled people are VERY VERY capable, BRILLIANT and abled people really became a profound truth to me. Some might not have the same body style that I have but what God did give them was a brilliant mind and a loving heart to champion and weather the same storms that mainstream society had to weather. Their daily challenges might vary from person to person but what I found was that they were just like me, with a small glitch, THAT THEY DIDN”T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH. Their glitch made society uncomfortable because of societies ideas of what the human anatomy should look like but what is “normal” anyway? Really?

I was sitting through a “Self Identity” session where a woman from London was talking about her research in that when a baby starts to discover their own anatomy ( they look at their toes, their nose, they touch their feet, etc.). Even disabled babies discover their own anatomy but to them their “disabled” limb doesn’t appear different or abnormal until someone around them/or society points it out.

This was provoking to my mindset as I started to realize how differently God makes each of us. I originally went to this conference with the mindset that my life had been very hard, very trying, an uphill battle until I saw others around me carrying a much weightier cross to bear. I very quickly came to the realization that my cross was small in comparison to some of the others that I saw and interacted with. And my heart swelled with love and respect over what most of these folks had overcome.

You see- there will ALWAYS be someone else out there who has got it worse off than you or me. We are just so wrapped up in our own selfishness (our own little worlds) that we forget to see our environment, and those that fill it, with a set of eyes that allows us to see the truth of our situations. A spirit of gratitude enables our eyes to see that we have a pillow to lay our heads on at night, or food to fill our stomachs when SO many other people are struggling to even exist. But its a spirit of gratitude and NOT a spirit of Entitlement (because of the sufferings we’ve endured or the “You owe me something because of the trauma of my past”). I don’t owe you anything but to love you (so the bible says) and that love encompasses helping you to get up and see yourself with the eyes of Jesus so that you can TRULY see who HE made YOU to be. Your not set back, or not qualified or what society tells you about who “They” think you are YOU ARE beautifully and wonderfully made in His image. Its as simple as that.

God has has shown me through this experience MANY MANY lessons about my life, about others, and about the human condition and spirit. And I was comforted to know that I had a God/Jesus who really does always make a way out of difficulty if “WE” let Him show us. Your anatomy doesn’t matter, nor do your imperfect “glitches” that you perceive are wrong with yourself. None of it matters. The only thing that matters is the heart, your heart, its condition, your spirit, and your ability to put your trust in something (Jesus- someone that you can’t always see in the natural) but someone beyond yourself to move you beyond whats ailing you.

There will always be people out there who are going to try to point out your imperfections and make you feel like you are “less than” (but only if you let them). OR you can choose to allow God/Jesus to formulate your true identity in who HE says you are and you can fly above these rest! Glitches and all! Because the truth be known – if I’m made in His image- and HE is perfect- then I’m perfect because God never makes a mistake and He knew just what He was doing when He sewed me together in my mothers womb.

Are you struggling with that today? Then pray this with me:

Lord- my life has been anything but what I thought it would be like. I have gone through things that I thought only happened to bad people, or those that didn’t know love. And its been heard Father- and sometimes heart breaking to my spirit. Father, can you please help to change my self identity and help me to see “ME” the way YOU see me so that I can accomplish ALL that You’ve set into my heart to do and be? Thank you for listening to my heart’s cry today Lord. I love you.

Love you guys

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood