Losing 40 jobs in 15 years due to ADHD/I’m Not Stupid I Just Learn Differently!

There are some things in life that really leave a lasting impact on your life.  Like the day a parent died or the day the love of your life left you or the loss of a particular job OR multiple jobs.  The latter was true for me because I seemed to just keep losing the jobs after the first one happened to the point that my own mother asked “Missy- do you need psychological counseling or something?”  My response:  “Yeah- now I do” because I didn’t understand why employers didn’t seem to have the patience to allow me to learn a job after I was hired.  I would find myself (as an undiagnosed individual with ADHD) really struggling to get those employers to allow me to learn the job tasks the way that “I” learned (which was through repetition, hands on, visual and both audial learning).  That request was almost next to impossible for most employers because the jobs I sought were fast paced heavily loaded with responsibilities and then there was me- struggling to do the job tasks because of the way my brain mis-fired.

My condition would not be diagnosed until some 15 years later about 3 years BEFORE I graduated with my undergrad degree.  Even way back then though I knew in my spirit that God was doing something in my life, something supernatural, through all the heart ache, through the frustration, anger and the setbacks financially.  And somehow, somewhere in my heart was this underlying determination not to quit and not to give up.  I just kept praying and praying that Jesus would put me into another job that would meet my bills and give me the income that I needed in order to make it and survive.

Eventually the Lord did tell me to go through a temporary agency so that if I did continue to lose jobs at least the agency would re-hire me and place me directly into another position so that I could meet my debts.  They did too and I ended up working in the temp field for another 6 years until I could figure out what was going on with my learning.  Or my attempts at learning when I would enter into a new job.  I didn’t know if it was just the employers not liking me as a person or if my ticks/quirks just got on their nerves (ADD/ADHD people are kinda quirky) and so I would find that if I couldn’t learn the job fast enough or if the employer thought me “weird” then the job losses would come.

It would be in my 3rd year of college that I would notice a pattern in the way that I learned after being able to recognize the way that a professor would lecture.  I noticed that he lectured in an outline form and that if I could write my notes in the same way (outlined) that he spoke I could ace his tests.  I tried to apply this same technique in my other classes only to find that various professors lectured in many different styles and so the technique wasn’t always that successful.  THIS was when I discovered that professors taught from their own learning style.  If they learned through audial learning then they strictly taught through the audial learning style, but if they learned like I did (with the need for visual, hands on, repetition and audial) THEN we were “Game on” and I was in the game and able to learn from them.  These professors that taught this way taught the same way that I learned as an ADHD person struggling with the condition.  My ability to recognize this one simple trait about professors and the way that they lectured taught me that the problem in teaching ADD/ADHD students was two pronged:  That most professors taught the way that they learned, AND that some of their styles of teaching wasn’t suitable/OR the same style that those with ADD/ADHD people needed to learn with.

SO- it was at that time that I discovered the need to talk with those professors to find out ways that I could study their materials the way that I learned so that I could advance like the other students.

I also discovered how to apply my coping techniques (in my book “Memoirs of an ADHD Mind”- on Amazon.com) so that I could also deal well under stress.  Stress is the #1 trigger of ADD/ADHD and its a trigger that nobody in this life will ever get away from.

Are you someone like me?  Do you struggle to learn and to advance?  Do you have dreams/goals and not know how to get from Point A to Point B so that you can have a future?

If so- say this simple prayer:

Lord- YOU say that I have the mind of Christ like that which is Christ Jesus.  And Lord right about now I’ve often wondered why my life has been the way its been but I also know that you are the author/finisher of my faith.  Lord, I’m asking to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove but with wisdom beyond my years. Please help me move into the future that I dream of and heal my mind, help bring the order that I need and heal the splintering thats occurred in my heart so that I can be whole.

Thank you Father.

In Christ namek Amen.

Until next week!  I’ll be leaving for a Students with Disabilities Conference this Weds thru Sunday!  Say a prayer that I’m used by the Lord to help many many students move into their dreams!

Love ya!

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood