Being Misunderstood, The Supernatural & ADHD

The Supernatural seems to be the theme of the hour these days.  What is so strange though is that every since I can remember I’ve had this prophetic gifting on my vessel. ADHD or not. 

When my brain wasn’t working right I would just pray and ask the Lord if HE could do the thinking for me as I would struggle to do various tasks and what not.  I would often get labeled as “wierd” or anti-social for not talking very much but what people didn’t understand is that I was merely listening to what the Holy Spirit would show me about people around my vessel in the environments that I was in. 

Have you ever been misunderstood?  Whether it be for having a condition you couldn’t help or for having a tick/quirk or a goofy way about you that only you could appreciate?  I have,  ALL THE TIME, and to this day I struggle with being misunderstood.  The only difference is that now I have learned not to explain myself away to people who want nothing more than to criticize me for things that I can’t help.  I’m just being me, wanting to be loved (ADHD or not) like any other human being on the planet.

I remember a time when I was a little kid when this man came to our front door to talk to my father.  I would later learn that he was there to accuse my father of having a adulterous affair with his wife (while if the truth be known his WIFE was chasing after my father).   I stood behind my dad’s leg (I was 4 at the time) and stood there peering up at the man and without hesitation I tugged at my father’s pant leg.  He looked down and right there in front of the man I told my father “Daddy- he’s a very very bad man- please come inside.”  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what was in this man’s heart because I could see into his soul through his eyes.

My father shoo’ed me away and told me go and play but I didn’t budge because I knew that this man was there to hurt my father for something he hadn’t even done.  My family would later find out that this man would stalk my father (as well as his wife) and that he would attack my father at his military armory where he worked.  My father was an officer and so he couldn’t fight back while in uniform or he would have lost his rank/pension etc.   So my father had to stand there while this man was  attacking him and he could’n’t even defend himself or HE would have been penalized for the violent acts of another.  This man’s wife was terminated immediately after that incident because my fathers superiors had identified her as a woman there always stirring up dissention – not only for herself but for others.

Later that night, after that incident my father kneeled down in front of me and asked me why I had said what I said about that man?  I had always been a very blunt/truthful child and so my response was just that  as I responded with “well daddy, I looked into his heart and I saw this movie playing of what he did at home to his wife- he’s a bad man daddy, please don’t talk to him again.”  My father was astounded and would be astounded many many times after that incident with the things I would share with him about others involved in his life/work life and surrounding our family.  But this gift would also caused me MUCH turmoil as it has up until today.

You see when a vessel has the capability to look into another person’s  life some people see it as a form of  intrusion, others might see the gift as fascinating, yet while others get into MUCH fear over it.    To make things worse, if they don’t know me, they become afraid of me when my heart has always been to help people, to see people attain deep inner healing and to help others attain their dreams.  THATS Jesus’s heart when it comes to the prophetic gifting in how He uses it through His children to help or show the world His power.  Bottom line is that it is power and placed into the wrong hands can be abused and used for the wrong reasons.   My heart is always and will ALWAYS be to help people and to show them the Love of Christ , not hurt them.

So “Misunderstanding” had been my “bedfellow” if you will for many many years as I have had to learn about this gifting on my life.  When it came to ADHD I REALLY had to learn to depend upon the Lord because the only time my brain seemed to work right was when I was under the annointing.  Otherwise I really struggled with doing tasks, on the job, in school, or at home. 

Thats important too because the enemy of your soul (The Devil) LOVES to come at a vessel’s mind.    He does this through traumatic events that he creates around us so that our minds get entrapped in the chaos of the event itself.  Most people think that their hearts only get wounded by traumatic events but if the heart is wounded so is the mind because they work hand in hand.   And the more woundedness on a vessel the more splintered their thinking will be to where nothing they do/say makes sense to most of the people around them.   Wounded people’s actions will be erratic, they are moody, unpredictable and then here you come with your gift trying to read their mail and they fly off the handle at you because of the “Freaky deaky” effect it has on them.  Ever been there?  Oh I have- NUMEROUS TIMES- (going back to my little bedfellow friend I call “misunderstanding”).  Sometimes when I run into these types I have to just stand there and pray and bind up the demonic activity operating around their minds so that I can even have a conversation with them that remotely makes sense. 

Many problems within society today are formulated because we no longer expect the best from each other but instead look for and sometimes bring out the worst because of  MISUNDERSTANDING.   It really is just that powerful.  Reality TV/technology  has made society think that its their business to be in everyone else’s business when if we would just take care of the crap in our own backyards we’d probably be much healthier and in a stance of better relating.  We’d probably be able to see the good in each other (like we used to) and be able to get beyond all the petty BS that we somehow have deemed so important. 

Did you ever wonder how Jesus handled it?  I do.  I sometimes wonder what he thought when He told Peter that before the rooster crowed 3 times he would deny that he ever knew Jesus.  I wonder what Jesus thought as he stood there looking into Peter’s eyes, I wonder if  Jesus felt betrayed, or misunderstood when He was really there to save and heal the sick/lost.  I wonder if Jesus wanted to tell Peter ” You know, you’ve really got a lot of gall to behave like you know it all after all I’ve tried to instill into you, and show you, you’ve seen my heart, my love, my loyalty and devotion towards helping you and all you’ve got to say is you don’t know me?”  Seriously? 

I would have smacked ole Peter up alongside of his head had I been Jesus but I guess thats why I never got that job because like Peter I too misunderstood Jesus’s ways.  Jesus’s ways are love, His ways don’t presume anything, His ways don’t include criticizing others when He doesn’t understand. Jesus ALWAYS look/brings out the best in us because He wants us to be like HIM.    He knows there will be  struggle to do this but He also knows its possible when we get to know Him better instead of constantly critiquing ourselves/others. 

I struggled with this for years when I was younger because if it wasn’t ADHD that I was being misunderstood for it was the prophetic gifting so I couldn’t win for losing.  Then I finally found peace in the fact that I probably wasn’t ever going to please everyone so I just learned to try to please Him.  I work as if unto Him, I help others as if unto Him and when I keep that perspective I can deal with the “unlovlies” in the world a whole lot better because its no longer all about me.   It becomes all about Him. 

Are you struggling with being Misunderstood by others?  When you really just want to love them/or be loved by them?  If so say this prayer after me:

Father- I’m worn out by trying to people please and with always being fearful of what others are thinking every time  I walk into a room.  I’m tired of trying to get them to see my heart or to get them to want to get to know me for who I really am (flaws and all) when if they really knew- I’m just like them wanting to be loved  for me.  Jesus can you please NOW start this deliverance process of healing my mind of these warped mindsets to where I won’t care if I’m misunderstood by others anymore.  I just want to be able to love them like you do and if they don’t love me back thats ok because I’m not in it for them anymore I’m in this for You!

Thank you Lord, Love ya and I love each one of you too!

In Christ,
Missy Hood

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood